March 17, 2011

Five Music Lunches in Austin (Day 4 - 3/17/11) Don Chani @ Ruta Maya (ATX Wildfire)

All week I'm going to catch a live band every day at lunchtime. My mission.... get to a show, take a video.. take photos... and get back to work.

I'm trying to hit a different venue each day.

ANYONE living in Austin can take advantage of live, free music this week. Pack a lunch.. eat it on the way (or attend a show where they serve food).

Thursday 3/17/11 
(Love Thy Reggae [w/shamrocks] )

Finally, the "official" unofficial day of March Music Madness has begun. There was a lot to choose from today and I have to apologize to Whoopsy Magazine's showcase at Trophy's on South Congress. I was all set and ready to head there when I realized it was the kick-off of ATX Wildfire at Ruta Maya.

ATX Wildfire is the brainchild of Greg "Phive" Cooper, who is a good friend of mine... and a heck of a good person to boot. He is trying to give the Austin Reggae scene a boost with his "Episode Phive" productions. If you like reggae at all and are in Austin.. anytime of the year... look Episode Phive up on Facebook. He'll tell you where you can catch some great tunes.
Anyhow... I walked in to the wonderful sounds of Don Chani. I've enjoyed this local band's sound ever since I'd heard their stuff, and am a big fan of guitarist and backup singer Erick Bohorquez's kids album, Lennon's Song. I've never caught them live though.

It was a treat. And if the band playing at noon on a Thursday (second band up for the 3-day festival) is this caliber of musician... I can't imagine how amazing the rest of the bands will be.

I caught 2 videos. To my surprise, they pulled out a spanish reggae jam (Second song below). VERY nice.


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