April 29, 2008

My rant on YouTube Users

I've gotten away from my old blog-style of writing columns... so I thought I'd pop off a little.

I know... it's all the rage. Everyone has seen a funny little youtube Video... and there are some great ones out there... If you've got a moment or three to kill...I implore you to search for "Flea Market Montgomery" or the classic "Numa Numa" but c'mon folks... you DO realize that ANYONE can see the things you post, right? Every little uninformed opinion you have is now available for public consumption. Well... not immediately. You have to actually record it and upload it. It amazes me that some of these folks can figure out how to press record on a camera... let alone upload it to YouTube.

From someone smoking pot to a kid blowing up a mailbox to a kid mad at his dad. It's amazing.

If you don't already know it, this kind of stuff follows you. Here's a little hint to people looking for a job... employers can look you up. Employers DO look you up. Your parents can look you up. Your teachers can look you up. The POLICE can look you up. Get a clue.

How would you like to see this guy sitting across from you in a job interview?:

Then there's folks that complain about their current jobs... Applied Research intern, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or just a guy the bitches about himself screwing up and forgetting he volunteered to come in early on his his manufacturing job.

This ain't smart folks.

Think before you YouTube.

Now here's something I've YouTubed... and Yes I got the band's permission to post it. Enjoy Mike Truth and the Replacement Killers performing at Texas Rockfest in Austin. (Some adult language).

April 23, 2008

Nacho Wiener - Buda Wiener Dog Races

This weekend... hundreds of little buddies will be racing in Buda, Texas. I've yet to see this one in person, but I think I'm going to make it out for this one. My 4 year old is afraid of dogs, so it may be an interesting day, but I think she'll take up residence on my shoulders and fall in love with these adorable little wiener dogs.

In case you've not heard the back story, the company I work for, The Wizard of Ads, has been the creative sponsor for I think 10 out of the 11 years of the races. I joined the company last year and the theme of the race was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Wiener."

This year, I was able to write the ad... and if you know me... you may recognize my voice in the ad.

I bring you NACHO WIENER:

If you're in the Buda, Texas area.... we'll see you out there.
I'll be at the Plum Creek Community Wide Garage Sale on Saturday morning... but then it's off to the races!

April 22, 2008

The Jeweler's Making A Cookbook!

I caught wind of this interesting promotional effort of an independent jeweler in Beaumont, Texas by the name of Alter's Gem Jewelry. Apparently this company has decided to put out a cookbook this December. Wait a second, a jewelry company putting out a cookbook? Yes, I typed that correctly.

Here's the deal. Brian Alter, owner of Alter's, sent a letter to almost 3,000 folk in the Beaumont area, over 1,000 jewelry vendors, as well as over 1,200 celebrities and politicians in order to collect a few hundred recipes for the "First Ever Alter's Gem Jewelry Cookbook."

Last time I talked to Mr. Alter, he explained that he had gotten recipes from the likes of Jimmy Carter and Jeff Foxworthy and declines from folks like Reba McIntyre, George Lucas and Martha Stewart. The funny thing is, not too many local folks had responded, obviously thinking it must be some kind of a hoax.... but it's very real.

What a neat idea.
So... I bring it to you... I'm going to submit a couple of recipes... Want to join me?

Here's the letter that he sent out. Want to be in a cookbook?

Dear "this could be your name here",

We’re cooking up a new product here at Alter’s Gem Jewelry, and for this one we need your help. We’re creating the First Ever Alter’s Gem Jewelry Cookbook. Why is a jewelry store publishing a cookbook of your recipes? Simple. It’s to thank you.

First, let me put up front that there is no charge for submission. We are compiling, designing, printing, and publishing a hard-back cookbook to be available at Alter’s Gem Jewelry by December 2008. We’d love to have your recipe.

Everyone who has a recipe is welcome to submit one. We’d love to have your secret recipe for pecan tarts, but we’d also like to have your son’s recipe for chili-tater-tots. If there’s a great story that goes along with the recipe, we’d love to hear it. Have a photo? Send it in. Who knows, we may just publish it as well.

Just for fun, we’re also contacting celebrities to get their recipes. We’re going to ask local personalities as well as national stars to submit as well. So, if you’ve got a great recipe please e-mail us with the information below in Microsoft Word or in the body of the e-mail to recipes@hellodiamonds.com.

Please include the following information to be considered for the first ever Alter’s Gem Jewelry Cookbook:
Full Name:
Recipe: (Please be as specific as possible)
Story about recipe: (Please be as specific as possible)
Contact information:

Of course, by sending us the recipe you are agreeing to the fine print… which is:
I certify that I am the author of the material I am submitting to Alter’s Gem Jewelry. Alter’s Gem Jewelry and its licensees may reproduce, publish, display, edit, modify, and otherwise use the material in a cookbook or other media.


Until next time...
- Sean

April 17, 2008



(Photo by Gary Miller)

Austin singer-songwriter-bandleader Shelley King, who was presented with a limited-run Gibson Acoustic Elvis King of Rock guitar to mark the start Friday, April 19, of her yearlong term as 2008 Texas State Musician, the first woman so appointed, celebrates in the House Chamber with (l to r) Texas Music Office director Casey Monahan, Texas House Committee on Culture, Recreation & Tourism chief of staff Todd Kercheval and Texas Commission on the Arts marketing and development director Gaye Greever McElwain.

April 16, 2008


For the 2010 information follow this link: http://seanclaesdotcom.blogspot.com/2010/04/2010-garage-sale.html


The Seventh Annual Plum Creek Community-Wide Garage Sale

By Sean Claes
I love garage sales. The thrill of the hunt, the agony of going through all of the crap to find that one item that makes it all worthwhile. The whole thing makes my heart go pitter-patter. I like going through the newspaper and planning a route in order to hit the most before 9:00a.m.

Well, if you're anything like me, you should get your warpaint on and come out to Kyle, Texas on Saturday, April 26 for the Plum Creek Community-wide Garage Sale. Currently there are over 1,500 homes in the neighborhood, so you can be pretty certain there will be a few hundred garage sales going on.

What will be sold? Who knows… but this event brings in professional garage sale shoppers in from all over Texas. OK, I may be stretching it, but Plum Creek has done this every year for seven years and my mother-in-law comes each year from South Texas. It's amazing what she finds.

In 2005 she got caught up in the sale and I lost her. Eventually I found her shopping about a mile down the road from the house. In the 20 minutes she was missing, she scored a sewing machine, food dehydrator, three Disney videos, and a mound of children's clothes. It's hard to be angry at a woman with $300 worth of stuff that she got for $20 in under a half-hour. She's a pro.

Test your skills in Kyle Saturday April 26 at the Community Wide Garage Sale. Sales start about 7:00a.m. and are over around 1:00p.m.

Plum Creek is a 2,200 acre master-planned community located on the west side of IH-35 in Kyle, Texas, 17 miles south of Austin.

To get to Plum Creek:
a. IH-35 to exit 215 (Kyle Parkway/ FM 1626).
b. West on FM 1626
c. Left on Kohler's Crossing
d. Plum Creek is on your left-hand side.

Download a map here: http://www.plumcreektx.com/location/PCwebmap.pdf

April 4, 2008

Washer's Tourney for Charity in KYLE, TEXAS

For those who aren't in the know, I'm a member of the Kyle United Methodist Church. We're currently raising money in several different ways to pay for our New Life Center that is currently under construction. If you know me... call me up and I'll tell you the whole saga that has transpired while the building of the New Life Center has been occuring.

I've been documenting the building in photos... you can see it here: Kyle United Methodist Church's New Life Center - #12 in the series.

But.... let's talk about you having a fantastic time helping us raise funds while potentially making money for yourself...


Click here to download the Registration Form.

2008 Kyle United Methodist Washers Tournament @ Front Porch Days

KUMC will host a Washers Tournament at Front Porch Days at Fergus Park in the Plum Creek Neighborhood on Sunday, May 4, 2008. Forms and entry frees are due by 12PM on May 4th with Players Meeting at 12:40PM.

The tournament begins at 1PM. The fee is $30 per 2-person team. Half ($15) of each $30 entry fee is a donation to the Kyle United Methodist Church (KUMC) Building Fund. The remaining half of the $30 entry fee will be spilt among the top winners.&

The prize pool will award 35% to First Place and 15% to Second Place. Third Place will receive a non-monetary prize.

Questions? Please contact Amanda Brown via email at amandabrown89@gmail.com or call 512-801-9072. Early registration is appreciated.

Click here to download the Registration Form.