March 21, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Saturday, March 21st Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 21 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
TRF Outdoor 1Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure IslandRockFest Club Stage 1413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
MugshotsRockFest Club Stage 2407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter StageSinger / Songwriter Stage409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop StageHip-Hop/R&B Stage607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML OutdoorTexas Rock Fest7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
MalaiaMalaia300 E 6th st, Austin, TX


J KrunkFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:00:00 PM
Crew 54Fuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
Tim BFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:00:00 PM
Macks on Tha RiseFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:30:00 PM
Tre DubbFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:00:00 PM
Fusion MagazineFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
Fusion MagazineFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:00:00 PM
KachingFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Show BoyFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
Solo TheeFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
BroadKastFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
BlissFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
Thug DirtFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:45:00 PM
JadyFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
TexabamaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
DJ DyberFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:45:00 PM
Durrty BoiFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:00:00 AM
GeminiiFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:30:00 AM
DJ Hi-CFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM

Nocturnal SunMalaia2:45:00 PM
Holy DiverMalaia3:30:00 PM
Man AutomaticMalaia4:15:00 PM
OtenkiMalaia5:00:00 PM
DC4Malaia5:45:00 PM
Daylight BroadcastMalaia6:30:00 PM
HighlinesMalaia7:15:00 PM
Deep EllaMalaia8:00:00 PM
Monstro FloraMalaia8:45:00 PM
TandoorifingerMalaia9:30:00 PM
Eleven Fingered CharlieMalaia10:15:00 PM
TransferMalaia11:00:00 PM
Dead TwinsMalaia11:45:00 PM
MoxxyMalaia12:30:00 AM
The HeroineMalaia1:15:00 AM

KimboMugshots2:00:00 PM
Kym WymaMugshots2:30:00 PM
Amanda LepreMugshots3:00:00 PM
LanceMugshots3:30:00 PM
The Boy BathingMugshots4:00:00 PM
John HardyMugshots4:30:00 PM
Jon DavidsonMugshots5:00:00 PM
Aaron CuadraMugshots5:30:00 PM
WrydgirlMugshots6:00:00 PM
The Earthtone PlayersMugshots6:30:00 PM
GrandpadrewMugshots7:15:00 PM
Rude RachelMugshots8:00:00 PM
The Suicide ChordsMugshots8:45:00 PM
Sixes and EightsMugshots9:30:00 PM
The VincentsMugshots10:15:00 PM
Taylor DavisMugshots11:00:00 PM
The Van GobotsMugshots11:45:00 PM
Queen Ann's RevengeMugshots12:30:00 AM
Atomic AliveMugshots

Kat TreeTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
The CulpritTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
Love MoundTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
Jesse Vick BandTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Hazard of the IndustryTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
John DavidsonTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
NipseyTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
Rocko DorseyTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
Black Queen SpeaksTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
FolioTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
Hawk vs. DoveTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
She WolvesTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Trashy and the KidTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
WickerTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
The Vehicle ReasonTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
The Secret StateTreasure Island1:15:00 AM


Fulton ReadTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Atomic OutlawsTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
Simplistic UrgeTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
The Kieran Ridge BandTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
FadedTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
RecorderTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
Mad TempleTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
One-Eyed DollTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Paris GreenTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
TrebucheTTRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
PlanesideTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Full ServiceTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
The VolunteersTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
Super PanchoTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
The FranticTRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
The SpinesTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
IoniaTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Asphalt ValentineTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Street Light SuzieTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
KreisorTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
GradyTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Goodnight GoddessTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
WitchburnTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Doug MorelandHML Outdoor2:00:00 PM
Opie HendrixHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
Andy MacyntyreHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
Karl MorganHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
Meghan Tubb and the Shady PeopleHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Kevin SmithHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
Wrinkle Neck MulesHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
John Evans BandHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
RagsyHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
100 FT SnowmanHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
Opus DaiHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
IrationHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Seis PistosHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
ImiHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
She CravesHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Syztem7HML Outdoor1:30:00 AM
Donna BeckhamHML Outdoor12:00:00 PM
Rusty RoadsHML Outdoor12:35:00 PM
Matt SkinnerHML Outdoor1:10:00 PM

Schedule provided by, visit there for updated information.

March 20, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Friday, March 20th Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 20 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
TRF Outdoor 1Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure IslandRockFest Club Stage 1413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
MugshotsRockFest Club Stage 2407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter StageSinger / Songwriter Stage409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop StageHip-Hop/R&B Stage607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML OutdoorTexas Rock Fest7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
MalaiaMalaia300 E 6th st, Austin, TX


Roc BoxFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:00:00 PM
T-SoloFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
BornFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:00:00 PM
BDSFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:00:00 PM
Durrty BoiFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
Block Head EnT.Fuel - Hip Hop Stage8:00:00 PM
Cliqued UpFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:15:00 PM
M-OneFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Big HerbFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
J-StavoFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
Lilian BorundaFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
Wise GuyFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
HellrazaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
Daka YounginFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:15:00 PM
Knucke Up ClickFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
JarvisFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:00:00 AM
Steve VictoryFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:30:00 AM
Country BoyFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM
Mark TwangFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:15:00 AM
Yung MavrickFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:30:00 AM

FadedMalaia2:45:00 PM
RagsyMalaia3:30:00 PM
QuartershackleMalaia4:15:00 PM
Hazard of the IndustryMalaia5:00:00 PM
KreisorMalaia5:45:00 PM
State and MadisonMalaia6:30:00 PM
Adrenaline FactorMalaia7:15:00 PM
Cantina FlysMalaia8:00:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingMalaia8:45:00 PM
Exit 380Malaia9:30:00 PM
ButcherwhiteMalaia10:15:00 PM
MarashinoMalaia11:00:00 PM
Dirty HeadsMalaia11:45:00 PM
The LuchagorsMalaia12:30:00 AM
The New UpMalaia1:15:00 AM

Dheepa ChariMugshots2:00:00 PM
Nimesh GandhiMugshots2:30:00 PM
LanceMugshots3:00:00 PM
Have Gun Will TravelMugshots3:30:00 PM
Alana AmramMugshots4:00:00 PM
Chris from MoxxyMugshots4:30:00 PM
LedaswanMugshots5:00:00 PM
Ryan HolleyMugshots5:30:00 PM
Isaac form heroineMugshots6:00:00 PM
NipseyMugshots6:30:00 PM
Avi WisniaMugshots7:15:00 PM
Spoiled RoyalsMugshots8:00:00 PM
The Upper EchelonMugshots8:45:00 PM
WriterMugshots9:30:00 PM
The UrbanitesMugshots10:15:00 PM
Atomic AliveMugshots11:00:00 PM
James SpeerMugshots11:45:00 PM
RagsyMugshots12:30:00 AM
Jonathan StarkMugshots1:15:00 AM

Michael BlasTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
Country WillieTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
CourierTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
Man AutomaticTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Paris GreenTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
Kieran Ridge BandTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
DentedTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
KanudeTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
Cast of KingsTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
Fortress of AttitudeTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
The Boy BathingTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
Rude RachelTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Sixes and EightsTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
the Banner YearTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
TrebucheTTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
SquintTreasure Island1:15:00 AM


Special GuestTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Me Talk PrettyTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
Rosemarys GardenTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
CockvandykeTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
White Witch CanyonTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
Cold DecemberTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
CTRLTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
AshburyTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
Oh JulietTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Dremnt The EndTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
DC4TRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
Broken TeethTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Dirty HeadsTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
PowderburnTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
RagsyTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
The CulpritTRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
Lavish GreenTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
FolioTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Vinyl DharmaTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Shorelines EndTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
MeriwetherTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
EmberTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Eddie Fingers OjedaTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
Crank Country DaredevilsTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Seasons AfterHML Outdoor2:00:00 PM
Divide The DayHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
DirtfootHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
James SpeerHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
The LuchagorsHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Inward EyeHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
For Every DayHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
The Last Place You LookHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
Nothing MoreHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
BroadmooreHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
Monte MontgomeryHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
Monte MontgomeryHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
InitstringHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor1:30:00 AM

Schedule provided by, visit there for updated information.

March 19, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Thursday, March 19th Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 19 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
Stage Venue Address
TRF Outdoor 1 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure Island RockFest Club Stage 1 413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Mugshots RockFest Club Stage 2 407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter Stage Singer / Songwriter Stage 409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop Stage Hip-Hop/R&B Stage 607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML Outdoor Texas Rock Fest 7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
Malaia Malaia 300 E 6th st, Austin, TX

Thursday's Line-up:

Club Stages:

UG Kings ShowcaseFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
Jay LucianoFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:30:00 PM
The Beat MakaFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
MonstaFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Squadron Street MusicFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
Adykted SolFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
Crew54Fuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
T-FowlerFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
AmoreFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
TaushaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:15:00 PM
Lady LegacyFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
DJ HardboxFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM

Imperial BattlesnakeMalaia4:15:00 PM
Droids AttackMalaia5:00:00 PM
Syztem7Malaia5:45:00 PM
Asphalt ValentineMalaia6:30:00 PM
Alaska and MeMalaia7:15:00 PM
MeriwetherMalaia8:00:00 PM
After Midnight ProjectMalaia8:45:00 PM
Rosemary's GardenMalaia9:30:00 PM
Spin AlleyMalaia10:15:00 PM
American ZerosMalaia11:00:00 PM
Shandon SahmMalaia11:45:00 PM
White Witch canyonMalaia12:30:00 AM
Full ServiceMalaia1:15:00 AM

Special GuestMugshots5:00:00 PM
Special GuestMugshots5:30:00 PM
TAFKAVMugshots6:00:00 PM
Sofia EchegarayMugshots6:30:00 PM
Kieran RidgeMugshots7:15:00 PM
Aaron CuadraMugshots8:00:00 PM
Jennifer ApplequistMugshots8:45:00 PM
RookMugshots9:30:00 PM
15 KeysMugshots10:15:00 PM
FreebleederMugshots11:00:00 PM
Full StrideMugshots11:45:00 PM
Special GuestMugshots12:30:00 AM
Special GuestMugshots1:15:00 AM

Special GuestTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
Fracture PointTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
LucidTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Cold DecemberTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
Big Fat AliceTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
Before DawnTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
DAFFODILTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
LedaswanTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
PetalsTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
Love TruckerTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
Parallel the SkyTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Oak is KeepingTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
Lavish GreenTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
The ArtilleryTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
Mad TempleTreasure Island1:15:00 AM

Outdoor Stages:

Special GuestTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Special GuestTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
The Banner YearTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
3 KissesTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
Man AutomaticTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
LucidTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
Justin BlackTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
Divide the DayTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
Me Talk PrettyTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Mothers AnthemTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
YAYOTRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
DEEJERTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Special GuestTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
Fulton ReadTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
Special GuestTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
Flatfoot56TRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
Jon DavidsonTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
Big Fat AliceTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Seasons AfterTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Atomic OutlawsTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
The VettesTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
By All Means NecessaryTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Dremnt The endTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
Beaux LoyTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Danger Is My Middle NameHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
Velvet BrickHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
Full ServiceHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
IrationHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Oh JulietHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
Language RoomHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
The SpinesHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
AlyriaHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
EmberHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
One Eyed DollHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
IoniaHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
DJ Pauly HymniaHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor1:30:00 PM

March 18, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Wednesday, March 18th Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 18 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
Stage Venue Address
TRF Outdoor 1 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure Island RockFest Club Stage 1 413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Mugshots RockFest Club Stage 2 407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter Stage Singer / Songwriter Stage 409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop Stage Hip-Hop/R&B Stage 607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML Outdoor Texas Rock Fest 7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
Malaia Malaia 300 E 6th st, Austin, TX

Wednesday's Line-up:

Club Stages:

Special Guest Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 4:30:00 PM
Rize Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 5:30:00 PM
PMT Clik Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 6:30:00 PM
Slimm-ez Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 7:00:00 PM
Fokiss Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 7:30:00 PM
Mike Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 8:00:00 PM
Tre Dubb Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 8:30:00 PM
Skrappy Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 9:00:00 PM
Adykted Sol Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 9:30:00 PM
Evan Chambers Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 10:00:00 PM
Kokomoe Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 10:30:00 PM
Reign Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 11:00:00 PM
Mr Midas Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 11:30:00 PM
Sticthy Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 12:00:00 AM
UG Kings Showcase Fuel - Hip Hop Stage 12:30:00 AM

Event Date 3/18/2009
Asphalt Valentine Treasure Island 5:00:00 PM
Syztem7 Treasure Island 5:45:00 PM
Critical Assembly Treasure Island 6:30:00 PM
Hazard of the Industry Treasure Island 7:15:00 PM
Fracture Point Treasure Island 8:00:00 PM
Squid Bucket Treasure Island 8:45:00 PM
Strike The Sun Treasure Island 9:30:00 PM
YAYO Treasure Island 10:15:00 PM
Clinched Fist Treasure Island 11:00:00 PM
Street Light Suzie Treasure Island 11:45:00 PM
Stage of Existence Treasure Island 12:30:00 AM
Curbcheck Treasure Island 1:15:00 AM

Outdoor Stages

Event Date 3/18/2009
Special Guest HML Outdoor 5:00:00 PM
Super Pancho HML Outdoor 5:45:00 PM
The Brimmers HML Outdoor 6:30:00 PM
The Culprit HML Outdoor 7:15:00 PM
Moxxy HML Outdoor 8:00:00 PM
Rap Rock HML Outdoor 8:45:00 PM
Arc Attack HML Outdoor 9:30:00 PM
Arc Attack HML Outdoor 10:15:00 PM
Arc Attack HML Outdoor 11:15:00 PM
Panjoma HML Outdoor 12:00:00 AM
Arc Attack HML Outdoor 12:45:00 AM
Arc Attack HML Outdoor 1:30:00 AM

Dead Earth Politics TRF Outdoor 1 4:00:00 PM
Clinched Fist TRF Outdoor 1 5:00:00 PM
The Spines TRF Outdoor 1 6:00:00 PM
Snake Skin Prison TRF Outdoor 1 7:00:00 PM
Quartershackle TRF Outdoor 1 8:00:00 PM
Kritickill TRF Outdoor 1 9:00:00 PM
The Luchagors TRF Outdoor 1 10:00:00 PM
Powderburn TRF Outdoor 1 11:00:00 PM
Pimpadelic TRF Outdoor 1 12:00:00 AM
Krash Karma TRF Outdoor 1 1:00:00 AM

Dead Earth Politics TRF Outdoor 2 4:30:00 PM
Five Dollar Friend TRF Outdoor 2 5:30:00 PM
The Noise FM TRF Outdoor 2 6:30:00 PM
Dawn Over Zero TRF Outdoor 2 7:30:00 PM
Seventh From Adam TRF Outdoor 2 8:30:00 PM
Carbide TRF Outdoor 2 9:30:00 PM
Mike Truth and the Replacement Killers TRF Outdoor 2 10:30:00 PM
One Seed TRF Outdoor 2 11:30:00 PM
Ignitor TRF Outdoor 2 12:30:00 AM
The New Professionals TRF Outdoor 2 1:30:00 AM

Schedule provided by, visit us for updated information.

March 12, 2009

2009 Texas Rockfest - A Snapshot

2009 Texas Rockfest
Four Days. Nine Stages. FREE.

By Sean Claes
Texas Rockfest is an Austin-born tradition that spurred from the idea that the third week in Austin should be accessible to everyone – bands that would like to play, fans that would like to watch, and folks who want to have a good time without spending a dime on entertainment. The mantra that organizer Adam Brewer has chanted for years is “No Badges, No Bracelets, No Problem.” At it’s inception, it was called the “Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Festival.” After reading that you can understand two things… where the Texas Flag Heart logo came from and why they decided to shorten the name to Texas Rockfest.

Now in it’s 10th year, Texas Rockfest is bigger than ever, boasting four outdoor stages and five club spots. There’s genre-specific stages like the Hip-Hop and R&B stage and Singer/Songwriter stage, and there’s also the outdoor stages which will offer the gamut of musical styles from rock to metal to alternative to Americana. For a full list of bands and where to see them, visit or come to one of the locations between March 18-21 and pick up a program.

TRF Outdoor 1 – (7th & Neches)
TRF Outdoor 2 (7th & Neches)
HML Outdoor 1 (7th & Trinity)
HML Outdoor 2 (7th & Trinity)
RockFest Club Stage 1 - Treasure Island (413 E 6th St)
RockFest Club Stage 2 - Mugshots (407 E. 7th St.)
Rockfest Club Stage 3 - Malaia (300 E 6th St)
Singer / Songwriter Stage - Pure (409 E 6th St)
Hip-Hop/R&B Stage – Fuel (607 Trinity St)

3 Kisses (Austin) – “Texas Party Punk” - Experience an explosive, high-energy performance with a positive party vibe.

American Zeros (Dallas) - This rock trio has been compared to Foo Fighters, Incubus, Collective Soul, and Cheap Trick.

After Midnight Project (Los Angeles, CA) - Based in Los Angeles the rock outfit watched their star rise via hard work and melodic, face smashing anthems.

Ashbury (Las Vegas, NV) - First found success when they won both a local and the subsequent national “Have a Nice Gig” contest thrown by internationally known artist Bon Jovi in 2006. After playing with Bon Jovi at MGM Grand Gardens, Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora personally invited the band to join them on their tour at Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey, in front of 50,000 people.

Atomic Outlaws (Tacoma, WA)
Rolling Stone says: "Seeing The Atomic Outlaws is like having a ring side seat at Pearl Harbor. The Most Explosive live band of 2009"

The Banner Year (Austin) - Punk-influenced pop-rock band from Austin, TX that is gathering steam nationwide with their unique songcraft and intense live performances.

Before Dawn (Austin) - A super hot DIY Duo who makes sexy, nerdy, dance music with heavy beats, rock guitars and experimental pop aesthetics. Austin’s bravest buzz band!

Big Fat Alice (Seattle, WA) likes its music like its women: Big, Fat & Rockin'. They write lush, explosive lyrics thick with emotion and texture. The jams stick in your head with unforgettable melody & shredding guitar. This band's sound truly satisfies the whole palate of rock 'n' roll taste. Want to sample that big, fat sound?

Justin Black (Derry, Ireland by way of Nashville)- Justin Black’s raw unique sound cuts to your soul and plants the seeds of authenticity. Life is the influence this cancer survivor uses to bring a fresh sound you won’t soon forget.

Black Queen Speaks (Houston, TX) - Black Queen Speaks delivers broad strokes of blues, funk, and hard rock through a clear channel of soul.

Butcherwhite (Austin) - Loud, raw & heavy original hard rock with a nod to old school metal and classic punk.

Cold December (Fall City, WA)- Cold December is a progressive rock group out of the woods of Fall City Wa, and was formed in December of 2008.

The Culprit - UK based electronic rock band, heavy and hooky, six strings meet sawtooths! Explosive live show, also back touring in the summer...check it out!

Lilian Borunda (New York, NY) - A vivacious singer with vocals compared to that of Christina and Mariah, Lilian Borunda’s songs bring a young, trendy, and truthful perspective to pop/r&b music..

Dawn Over Zero (Austin) - From the pages of Metal Edge Magazine to the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped Tour, the band has accomplished much in their emergent existence.

Jon Davidson (Portland, OR) - Jon Davidson is an alt/rock artist from Oregon. He tours internationally and his music can be heard on over 100 stations in 38 states.

DC4 (Los Angeles, CA) - With some of the most impressive hard rock credits behind their name, DC4 is comprised of Rowan Robertson (guitar), Jeff Duncan (guitar/lead vocals), Matt Duncan (bass, backing vocals), and Shawn Duncan (drums). Past associations of individual band members include stints with Ronnie James Dio, Odin and Armored Saint, among other notable major and independent label-recording artists.,,

Dead Earth Politics (Austin)- A thundering mix of old and new metal influences, and a helping of dissidence, Dead Earth Politics is here to brand their Mark on Texas!

Dead Town Revival (Chicago) - driving melodic music that speaks of love lost, hard luck and a complete disdain for authority. They have created a unique style that stays rooted in the undeniable 'Chicago punk sound'.

Deejer (Austin) - In 2008, Deejer released “Dark Summer Dawn,” showcased at Amplify Music Festival in Vegas, and were endorsed by Traben Bass Co. and Michael Kelly Guitars. This spring, Deejer will be included in the reissue of “An Education in Rebellion: The Biography of Nikki Sixx” bonus CD.

Dented (Austin) - A freight train crashing through a Guitar Center, and their 2009 debut EP---Wolf at the Table---would do little to prove otherwise: think Queens of the Stone Age… only half the weed and twice the whiskey.

Divide The Day (Cotton, CA) - Seeking refuge from a stagnant music scene in Southern California, Divide the Day can be best described as hard-hitting, ass-shaking, Dirty Western Rock!

Dremnt The End (Austin) - A 4 piece rock band from Austin, TX.

Droids Attack (Madison, WI)- Droid's throw down style consistently leads all scowling metal heads in the room to the front row beaming with delight. It's fun to have your ass kicked this good.

Rocko Dorsey (New York) - Punk rock/power pop trio for fans of high energy Rock and Roll and the return of guitar solos!

Exit380 (Denton, TX) - Formed in the Spring of 1999, this traveling rock band has produced four full length albums & one compilation "best of" disc: Exit380's style comes from a varied combination of rock, alternative, & blues. What sets this band apart is their dedication to their grassroots fanbase, eclectic writing styles, & energetic live shows.

Faded (Northwest, US) - Combine distinct writing styles and sounds with the influence of classic rock, classical, and hard rock genres and you get five guys known as Faded.

Folio (Los Angeles) - "Next Wave Electro-Rock." Newly signed to Hensley Records. 3 songs in new "Stoked" game (Xbox 360). Multiple TV/Podcast placements. Writing new album

For Every Day (Dallas) - High above the horizon of today’s emerging rock heavyweights, flies the refined refrains of For Every Day. Their masterful mix of heavy-hitting rock anthems and carefully-crafted melodies converts almost everyone into instant fans.,

Fortress of Attitude (Los Angeles) - Half rock band, half comedy troupe, Fortress of Attitude packages hilarious, hard-hitting songs into a stage show littered with costumes, props and audience participation.

Freebleeder (Austin) - Buy the cheapest tall boy you can find, shake the Hell out of it, then pop the top. Meet Freebleeder- Drink and Destroy."

Full Service (Austin) - FS is like pizza. I dare you to try to describe what pizza tastes like! The only thing to do is eat it… and love it.

Full Stride (Austin) - Wide open rock and roll with a tone that is unmistakably full throttle. Amber Dickerson, on guitar, pushes that big sound through both a vintage Orange guitar rig and an Ampeg SVT classic bass amp to cover the bottom end. A vehicle with that much power can only be driven with strength and fineness. Trent parker straps in and commands this ride, cranking out rhythm on his drums as though he had a big block engine floored.

Fulton Read (Austin) - Fulton Read wants to rock with you til the world ends in 2012....don't ya worry about tomorrow cuz we're living right now.
Web: and

Goodnight Goddess - "It takes most first-timers a moment to realize the vocalist is male, but then the group will transition in seconds from the frailty of Bright Eyes to the frenzied aggression of System of a Down..."

Grady (Austin) - Gordie "Grady" Johnson guitars and lead vocals, "Big" Ben Richardson bass and vocals, Nina "Drumbellina" Singh drums and more vocals
"The soundtrack to your next bar-fight..."--Classic Rock Magazine
"I been listenin' to Grady every day."--Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

grampadrew - An acoustic balladeer who sings direct, honest music delivered alternately with the fire of a street preacher or the quiet of a gravedigger.

Johnny Hardy (Dallas) - This Dallas artist reflects influences of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie etc; a departure from his other performing acts Hawk Vs Dove, Manifesto Destiny, and Holy Diver.

Hawk Vs Dove (Dallas) - Heavy Sludge Stoner Rock similar to Boris, Earth, Harvey Milk, the Melvins, NWOFHM, The Psychic Paramount, Comets on Fire, The Goslings, Cave, Les Rallizes DeNudes, Burmese, Nadja, Black Mayonnaise, Circle, Expo 70, Aquarius Records ... etc. etc. etc.

Hotel St. George (San Diego, CA) - Hotel St. George formed in January of 2008 and they don't play sublime covers.

Illusion33 (Sandpoint, ID) - Hailing from the Inland Northwest, Illusion 33's modern rock sound is gaining fans exponentially across the country with their in your face high energy performances.
Web: or

Imperial Battlesnake (Chicago) - With razor-sharp guitar riffs and cast-iron vocals Imperial Battlesnake ride roughshod astride a rhythm section fervently dedicated to punishing dynamics.

Lenny King And The Heroine (San Antonio) - This Texas Rock outfit plays over 150 dates a year touring through out the nation. Rocking the Hearts of every man woman and child they meet.

KANUDE (Houston) - The musical project of Kingsville-born, Houston-bred, song maestro Chris Knudson. This self-proclaimed Americronica is a new musical breed that brings together the best elements of Tin-Pan Alley songwriting with 1960s and 70s Southern Rock and Pop.

Kreisor (New York City) - Inspired by 70's legends such as Hawkwind, Deep Purple, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult and Captain Beyond and the NYC & European heavy music scenes of today; psychedelic hard rock of the highest order.
Web: &

KriticKill (Temple, TX) - Hard rocking band from Central Texas. Have three self released CD's, "Trust", Psalms" & "Nothing Time Can't Heal". Currently working on their Fourth CD. Have toured to east and west coasts. Worked with Multi Platinum Producer Beau Hill.
Web: &

Language Room (Austin) - fresh off the release of their debut album One By One, Language Room is changing what to expect from Austin bands.

Ledaswan (San Antonio) - Ledaswan inhabit a terrain where the manicured noise of the 'White Light / White Heat' era Velvets meets the narcotic woozy world of Mazzy Star.

Love Trucker (Vancouver, WA) – A four person band, they grew up craving the attitude and swagger of rock lore from the past. Their sound delivers an authentic rock and roll vibe masterfully crafted in the traditional roots of American music. Influences range from Chuck Berry to Led Zeppelin to Gram Parsons. They are on a singular mission to share their passion and vision of American Rock and Roll, adding their own unique layer to musical greatness.

Lucid (Spokane, WA) - From the Pacific Northwest, Lucid is a mixture of hard rock and metal with soaring melodic vocals. This is a band to watch out for.

Andy Macintyre & The Primal Groove - Andy Macintyre plays the perfect infusion of Classic Rock and Blues; a killer combination of melt-your-face guitar playing mixed with a soulful voice.
Web: or

Marashino (Milwaukee, WI) Formed in 2002. From the very beginning they had a goal - to deliver well crafted rock songs and to give their fans a memorable live experience.

Man Automatic (Sacramento, CA) - For six years, rock band Man Automatic's fresh sound and stunning live performance have earned them critical acclaim and an impressive fan base

Manifesto Destiny (Dallas) - Miniature instruments? Band started as a party cover band called Holy Diver (never a Dio Tribute) and quickly made a name for themselves as an energetic thrust machine that takes people through many changes. Now an all original band renamed (appropriately) Manifesto Destiny.

Monstro Flora (Los Angeles) - L.A. Indie band with an arty approach to pop-sensible songwriting. Monstro Flora navigates the spaces between full-throttle, wall-of-sound rock and intimate, sparse vulnerability convincingly and with ease. and

Monte Montgomery (Austin) – Monte Montgomery has taken the acoustic guitar beyond anyone's expectations. With his amazing fretwork, unique combination finger and pick style playing through trailblazing "chordal" thoroughfares often baffling even the most accomplished players. In 2004 Monte was named on Guitar Player Magazine's list of "Top 50 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time."

Mothers Anthem (Austin) - Born from unrelenting passion and a wealth of experience, Mothers Anthem crashes through barriers and brings new life to the rock scene with songs that lift, instruct and connect with those seeking to find music with meaning. When created, the band had one goal in mind, to deliver each song as a passionate message. The music has a purpose. The purpose is to inspire.

Moxxy (Elgin, IL)- a collaboration of musical talent that has successfully fused the Midwest’s greatest underground scenes to create an original style. This is a high energy band with screaming guitar riffs, ridiculous bass lines, insane percussion, passionate lyrics, and powerful vocals.

New Professionals (New York City)- An original rock band that tours America and gets radio play in various cities around the world...Karen Curious, born in Tennessee, raised in S. California and Texas ended up in NYC where she formed New Professionals and met up with drummer Nate Smith from Utah and bassist/guitarist Abigail Hennessy from Washington DC. All three musicians have extensive histories in rock bands throughout their lives on this earth.

Nipsey (Hoboken, NJ) - 70's rock mixed with punk and blues and in your face guitar mayhem. And trips to outer space. Seriously. If you want to know about the merits of space travel, and enjoy blazing guitars and one of the most solid, slamming rhythm sections around, then come and see us. After all, it's all coming on.

Nocturnal Sun (Austin) - Real. Groovy. Metal. Nocturnal Sun is a 5 piece from Austin, Texas that brings it! Come see for yourself.

Nothing More (San Antonio) - Passionately progressive rock with a live show full of energy, eclectic drum break downs, innovative instruments (such as the "bassanator"), and unparalleled showmanship.
Web: and/or

Oak is Keeping (Austin) - Oak is Keeping jams out a blend of stoner rock that will give you a love punch in the face.

Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda (New York) - Solo artist and guitarist for the legendary multi gold and platinum selling group TWISTED SISTER will be rocking the main stage at Texas Rockfest on March 20. He'll be performing some TS Classics, as well as songs from his recent Solo CD "Axes to Axes", which features appearances by rock legends such as Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snider, Joe Franco, Rudy Sarzo, Terry Ilous and Chris McCarvill.

One-Eyed Doll (Austin) "...combines the rock-star bravado of a Jack White (or Jack Black) with the visual impact of a Japanese Anime... a super heroine that's alternately fierce, outrageous, vulnerable and sweet."

Parallel The Sky (Lake Charles, LA) – A home grown intense, powerful, and energetic rock group from Lake Charles, LA. Their music is in your face with catchy guitar riffs and unforgettable lyrics backed with solid drum patterns, and smooth bass lines.

Petals (Austin) - Petals is a female-fronted rock band whose love of sixties music fused with modern pop sensibilities makes for an undeniably fresh sound.

Pimpadelic (Fort Worth) - A mix of hard rock, a little rap and even some country music, these guys are truly talented at bringing danger back to rock-n-roll.

Powderburn (Austin) – A multi-award winning metal band from Austin, Texas. The band is sponsored by Jagermeister and Budweiser, and are veterans of the Austin scene, and no strangers to the Heart of Texas Rockfest.

Quartershackle (Austin) Hard-rock outfit QUARTERSHACKLE have established themselves as a band with a dynamic sound and relentless stage presence, featuring hard-hitting riffs and tempo changes with clever ability and approach.

Ragsy (Los Angeles, CA) - En route to matrimonial bliss in Mexico one hot September day 2002, Kelly Barnes and Sutton Althisar formed a band. Sadly the nuptial did not survive its trials and the once inseparable pair made the difficult decision to end the marriage. However, what was conceived between these overwhelmingly talented, passionate lovers is Ragsy. Their story is good. Their music is refreshingly heartbreaking. Their live performance is undeniable and fiercely captivating.

The Kieran Ridge Band (Allston, MA)- Kieran Ridge writes back to basics roots rock & roll - mixing together the best of blues, country, and rock into their own unique style.

Rook (Austin) - "All three members are multi-talented and bring their considerable skills to bear. Their live shows are full of energy, dynamic change, surprises, and humor. The three are polished performers and musicians and it is always a joy to catch their show." -

Rude Rachel (Austin) - A three piece experimental rock band created by artists, Kasey Short(vocals, strings), Steven Schuster (percussion), and Chuck Beaman(keys,guitar). Rude Rachel is from the live music capital of the world, named after its fierce muse, "Rude Rachel."

The Secret State (Jacksonville, FL) - Music is an emotion that we choose to wear on our sleeves and show the world. To us it is "all about the music". Let us show you how we feel.

Simplistic Urge (Chicago, IL) - Simplistic Urge are hard hitting rockers from Chicago, IL. Picked as MTV2 on the rise Artist from Chicago in 2008.

Shandon Sahm (Austin) - The youngest of Sir Doug Sahm. Besides playing with his dad he has played w/Gibby Haynes and His Problem and Curt Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets. Now Shandon embarks on a solo 70's glam rock journey. Time to bring back fun,big,rock shows like there used to be before the weight of the world crashed peoples hopes

She Wolves (New York) - A Sonic Rampage inflicted by ex-Cycle Slut & Co., the last enduring menace from an ever-sanitizing New York Shitty. Dava She Wolf, Tony Mann, Ash Gray, Laurie Safdie

Shorelines End (Dallas, TX) - In a very short time SE has made it's way onto the industry radar with several Major Labels showing interest. Shorelines End recently signed with TQ Management headed by veteran manager Tommy Quon (Vanilla Ice - Capital; Blessid Union of Souls - EMI; Marcos Hernandez - TVT , Forever the Sickest Kids - Universal & Red Car Wire - Universal).

Kevin Smith (Austin) - With a deep, booming voice harking back to a time in music history when singers like Johnny Cash reigned supreme, Kevin Smith's songs relate to just about anybody, and his sound is all his own, no doubt.

Snake Skin Prison (Austin) - Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Loudest Spectacle Under the Sky!! Snake Skin Prison drips down your throat one scream at a time!!

Street Light Suzie (Austin) - a monster dirty rock and roll three piece strait outta Austin TX

Strike the Sun (Longview, TX) - Well I am the wolf, that wears the clothing of the sheep…" This lyric is a fitting description of Strike the Sun. The guys that make up the band are the nicest most laid back people that you could meet, but when the curtain goes up and the amps hit full song you'll want to hide your girl and leave your poser wanna be rock star gear at home. This hard rock band means business...

SuperPancho (Germany) - Since 2006, SuperPancho has become a synthesis of music, art and philosophy. For the German band, Texas Rockfest 2009 will be the debut on US soil.

tandoorifinger (Austin) - Since 2008, tandoorifinger has been turning heads with their genre-bending sets around Austin. Deep grooves, three lead vocalists, and a distinctly new sound.

thelastplaceyoulook (Houston) is a rock band. They recently released their debut full length "see the light inside you". It is available on itunes.

Trashy And The Kid (Austin) - TATK consists of a flamboyant cross dresser, a brooding chef, a cheerful hippy, a lecherous dyke, and a hyperactive Christian. Guess which is which.
Web: (CD on iTunes)

Mike Truth & The Replacement Killers (Austin) - A true fusion of funk, hip-hop, jazz & rock, this band, made up of veteran musicians from the austin area, that has a sound that is definitely unique to it's own.

Trebuchet (Denton, TX) - Hailing from the rural, music metropolis that is Denton, TX, Trebuchet is what one might expect; and yet the use of the proverbial phrase "and then some" would be a sufficient ending to that expectation. Trebuchet dabbles in rock-and-roll, jazz, blues, metal, and prog. to keep the music experience close to their roots, and translate it all into a live experience that one will hear in their head over and over for weeks to come.

Underdriven (Austin) - Mixing powerful guitar riffs and harmonious lyricism, Underdriven sends a loud message with the local release of their self-titled debut album.

The Upper Echelon (Austin) - A small band with a big sound. Two acoustic guitars, drums and a hell of a lot of harmony.

The Van Gobots - Formed in the summer of 2007 in a sweaty practice space in Minneapolis, The van Gobots play a driving brand of post-punk revival.

Jesse Vick Band (Fort Worth) - The Jesse Vick Band is truly a rare breed of amazing young talent, and they are prime and ready to take the world by storm.

White Witch Canyon (East Bay, CA)- Hailing from Northern California, White Witch Canyon is a blend of Psychedelic, Heavy, Blues based Rock ... ala Queens of the Stone Age meets Black Sabbath. It will flat line even the casual fan or rock music. With insane riffage and thought provoking lyrics, White Witch Canyon is the future and the future is now.

Wicker (Los Angeles, CA)- This trio is a Hollywood party that combines hip hop, industrial and screamo to create a frenzy in the club.

Witchburn (Austin) - Awe-inspiring vocals over heavy, down-tuned, whiskey-soaked sabbra cadabra. Their ready-for-battle anthems, apocalyptic overtones and dirty, doom-laden riffs command you to throw your metal horns up high!

Wrinkle Neck Mules (Richmond, VA) - If you like bluegrass and Americana with a side order of foot-stompin’ banjo and a light dusting of Southern rock, Wrinkle Neck Mules are a godsend. – Sounds XP

Writer (San Diego, CA) - In a small corner of San Diego, Writer drives melodies through the air sharp as nails; while plugged into buzzing amps in a space cluttered with a dozen instruments and tangled cords.

Wyrdgrl (Austin)- Singer-songwriter Dana Davis began her professional singing career at 13. Cover bands ranging jazz to heavy metal, Gilley's house singer, Peer-Southern and PolyGram published writer to founder of femme-prog-rock innovators Velvet Hammer to solo artist Wyrdgrl creating life-adventures sifted thru the mask of mythos.