February 5, 2014

Why these 5 Super Bowl Commercials ROCKED or FAILED (2014)

I decided to poll an audience of one (myself) to see which Super Bowl Ads were winners and which ones were well done, but missed the mark on marketing.

Here's my list:

1. Radio Shack - The 80s Called

This is the best example of jumping on your own grenade. It's been pretty obvious that the court of popular opinion has been wondering how Radio Shack stays in business with the perception that all of their stuff is antiquated. I mean, unless you're building a transistor or need speaker wire, why would you even go inside?

Now the reality is, Radio Shack wasn't really stuck in the 80s, but people had that perception.

Well.. this commercial has made people think twice about that perception by the store itself saying.. "yeah... we had a bunch of old crap.. but now we're all new and updated."

I know I've thought about walking in there to see what the "new" Radio Shack is like. Plus the commecial is fantastic w/ all of the old-school 1980s guest spots... Mary Lou Retton, The California Raisins, Devo, Erik Estrada, Kid n' Play... wow. They rocked that one out. Funny AND effective.

2. Coca Cola - America The Beautiful

This hit a home run. First... it evoked emotion. It caused response. I don't think Coke predicted this kind of response. I know I didn't think that people all over the country would take this beautiful piece of art and slam it for the song being in different languages. America is a melting pot. That's the point. It's a beautiful song. Coke won for being inclusive and the nay-sayers have been called out post haste.

Now, will it cause ME to drink Coke? No. I tried it before and i don't really like the taste.

That brings me to the second big win.. and what I think Coke had in mind when they put this spot together. This ad is about diversity, america, people from all cultures and countries who now make the USA their home. People who might not have had the opportunity to try a Coke in America before. Marketing-wise, they were going after the demographic that was less likely to have had experience trying their product... and by providing a commercial like this... they talk directly to them.. in the universal language of acceptance.

3. Budweiser - A Hero's Welcome

Budweiser did a good job of taking the funny/stupid out of their campaign and also drove home their "Support our Troops" mantra with this mini-documentary of a soldier's homecoming. Every soldier deserves a hero's welcome. If that doesn't make you want to give a Clydesdale a thumbs up.. I don't know what will. This is a brand strengthener ad. Just in case you jumped off the bandwagon to try a craft beer, 'cause that's the thing nowadays, you've not got a reason to grab a Bud. 'Merica!

  4. Hyundai Genesis - Dad's Sixth Sense
As a dad... I'm moved by this one. It does, with humor, tackle every parent's thoughts when they allow their kid to do something like operate a car. I will likely never be able to afford this car... much less afford one for one/both of my daughters... but I hadn't taken a second look at a Hyundai for about... well... ever.

I'm not sure if this is an effective ad, though. It makes a good case for people to consider a Hyundai.
I'd be interested in seeing if they have a raise in sales. Time will tell on this one.

5. Cheerios - Gracie
OK, this one is just cute. It doesn't mention Cheerios, they just use the cereal to break the news to little Gracie that she's soon going to be a big sister. Almost like a product placement. I don't know if this one will be a winner in the "selling Cheerios" realm... because there wasn't really anything that made anyone think: "Hey.. I want to go get a bowl for myself." So, win for cuteness and loss for marketing. It was a multi-million dollar "awwww shucks" ad.

BONUS: Turbo Tax - Love Hurts

This isn't a great commercial and, honestly, I didn't remember who it was for until I looked it up. But my name is Sean... and I'm here to steal your holiday... :)