December 1, 2019

Potatoes Fuel Performance - Recipe: Mini-Egg Cups

Mini Egg Cup Recipe
by Sean Claes

Here's a little recipe I make a few times a week. I am the breakfast maker in my family. I'm also a high school teacher so we are on a budget. I am also eating healthier this year and part of a run group for the first time. I'm also part of Team Potato so while I'm staying off many carbs, I believe that #PotatoesFuelPerformance. Good carbs (potatoes) versus bad carbs (bread and pasta).

Speaking of budget... here is my mini-egg cup recipe. I use leftovers from the week for the most part to fill these cups... so... we went out to eat for breakfast yesterday, they gave me way too many potatoes... so I brought them home... they go into the eggs. I had some leftover sausage links from breakfast a few days ago.. BOOM... more filling. And the ham is shaved ham we have on hand for lunches... may as well add that.

- A 24 and 12 mini-egg cup pan (or three 12 cup ones)
- Cooking Spray
- A baking sheet

- 6-8 eggs
- Potatoes
- Sausage
- Shaved Ham (we use Mickelberry Ham because it's yummy & less expensive)
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- Milk

Prep time: 10 minutes
Bake time: 12 minutes
Time from idea to belly: About 30 minutes

Update: February 2020:
Here's another iteration of the egg cups. This time... with photos.

- 5 eggs
- Potatoes (leftover new potatoes from a dinner the night before)
- bacon (I used ready to eat Members Mark bacon crumbles - link)
- Cubed Cheddar Cheese (from a meat & cheese tray that was leftover)
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- Milk

Here's the "before" and after. The more ingredients you add, the more cups you can make. 4-5 of these mini cups makes a great post-run snack... and the kids like them for breakfast as well... This makes 36 cups so that's 8-9 servings.... or 2 days of meals in my house.