Small Business Marketing

Sean Claes has worked with Mom and Pop shops, International Corporations and the Music Industry on their branding, marketing, events and communications for more than 20 years.

This page contains a sample of the observations he's made over the course of that time. For more information or to see how he might be able to help grow your business, contact him at via email (link).

Small Business Marketing Advice:
  1. 7 Steps To Running A Successful Small Business- link (1/22/16)
  2. Five Ideas To Promote Your Small Business for Free - link (2/1/16)
  3. Does the Owner Need To Develop A Work Persona?- link (2/10/16)
  4. Reach New Customers - link (2/17/16)
  5. Three P's of Differentiation - link (2/24/16)
  6. Four Considerations when Marketing Your Business Internationally - link (3/1/16)
  7. Wisdom From A Lemonade Stand - link (3/31/16) 
  8. Lessons Learned from Third Graders - link (4/28/16)
  9. Should You Join the Chamber of Commerce - link (11/23/16)

For more advice, visit Sean's blog series - 52 Weeks of DIY Advice - Music

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