November 3, 2019

Coconuts Explode. This is how I know.

Coconuts Explode.

By Sean Claes
So, last week we bought a coconut from a store in town because the kids wanted to crack and try fresh coconut. They were on sale... like $1 or so. We got home and set it in the hanging basket we keep our potatoes and onions in. Then we forgot about it. 

Last night we were getting caught up on Superstore on Hulu and we heard a "BANG." It sounded like something fell, a gun went off or a balloon popped. But it came from the kitchen where nobody was. We jumped up to find out what just happened...

The conversation went like this...\
"What's that smell?"
"I smell fire."
"The fridge is dead."
"The table busted."
"Turn on a light"
"There's water all over the floor"
"Where's it coming from?"
"The water filter on the fridge exploded."

Then we saw the coconut dripping from the basket.

The coconut burst.

It had gone bad. The water/milk was spoiled and it smelled horrible... and it was everywhere.

I searched online for exploding coconut (protip... don't read the "Urban Dictionary" definition that comes up when you google "coconut explode." I can't unread that.) and didn't find much other than something from 2005 where a blogger named Marion Jensen is asking "Do Coconuts Explode" and a follow-up from 2006. Well.. it's 2019 and I can't believe that is the ONLY reference there is. 

So... this blog is to further establish that yes... coconuts DO explode when they go bad... at least once a decade. 

Apparently, this decades' boom was in Kyle, Texas. You're welcome.

And you didn't need this... but here are three coconut-themed songs.