March 16, 2011

Five Music Lunches in Austin (Day 3 - 3/16/11) Admiral Fallow @ Takoba

All week I'm going to catch a live band every day at lunchtime. My mission.... get to a show, take a video.. take photos... and get back to work.

ANYONE living in Austin can take advantage of live, free music this week. Pack a lunch.. eat it on the way (or attend a show where they serve food).

Wednesday 3/16/11
(Late lunch = congested E. 6th)

Today I took a late lunch (2p) because I took the afternoon off to spend with family. I was meeting the family in Southpark Meadows about 45 minutes after I left work, so I thought... "Perfect, I'll jump up to E. 6th, catch the beginnings of the Brooklyn BBQ Show at Hotel Vegas.. and be down to Southpark Meadows... facil!
Well..  I got to the block where Hotel Vegas was, parked 1/2 in and 1/2 out of a No Parking zone, placed a little "I'm just unloading something, be right back" note on my dashboard (don't think that would prevent me from getting a ticket, but you never know) and walked towards Hotel Vegas. 

Didn't hear any music... I walked towards the back, saw people milling about a stage, but no music. Then I heard it... music coming from... across the street. So, I wandered over there, and ended up at Takoba where a band from Scottland by the name of Admiral Fallow was playing.

"Holy Moses... and Holy Cow" these guys were really good. Enjoyed it... and next time I'm going to eat at Takoba... because it looked GOOD.

Anyhow... here's a video and photos.

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