March 15, 2011

Five Music Lunches in Austin (Day 2 - 3/15/11)

All week I'm going to catch a live band every day at lunchtime. My mission.... get to a show, take a video.. take photos... and get back to work.

I'm trying to hit a different venue each day.
ANYONE living in Austin can take advantage of live, free music this week. Pack a lunch.. eat it on the way (or attend a show where they serve food).

Tuesday 3/15/11
(Whataburger's Honey BBQ Chicken Finger Sandwich
is NOT driving food... FYI )

I made my way down to The Phoenix today and caught Lost In The Trees at the "Baeblemusic Takes On Texas" Event. Judging by the previous day's event, I decided not to leave the office until after 12:30p (the time Lost In The Trees were slated to start) and I got lucky parking on 4th Street (50¢ fed to the meter a block from the club). I walked into what was quite possibly the darkest room I've ever entered at lunchtime (bravo on the instant and unlit stairs!) and the band was in full swing. So, I caught my video first. It was a song they were playing in front of people for the first time ever. Didn't catch the name.

The next song, they announced would be their last of the set. Apparently they started on time. So I got my video and photos. Score.

Lost In The Trees has a sound that is... well... imagine Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins if he went the Grateful Dead route with a little Brian Jonestown Massacre thrown in for good measure.

Listen to this and tell me if I'm accurate.

Here are some photos:

On my way back to my truck... I saw a solar powered Carousel in a parking lot on 4th Street... if I rode it I decided I would likely be a few minutes late getting back to work.... so.. it was a tough decision.

I'm Ridin' Solar...

So... I headed to Whataburger... grabbed lunch and headed back to the office.

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