May 31, 2008


Tickets to Ozzfest 2008, which will be a one-off show in Dallas, will be available at 10:30a.m. today at Ticketmaster.

Click here:

Saturday, August 9 at Pizza Hut Park, Dallas, Texas:

Main Stage:

Second Stage:

Texas (Third) Stage: *

May 27, 2008

Backwoods Bash Wrap-up

It was a fantastic weekend of music. If you were there, you may spot yourself in one of these shots... if you weren't, this is what you missed. Hope to see you next year for the Second Annual Backwoods Bash, Memorial Day Weekend 2009.

Friday's Photos - 74 shots

Saturday's Photos - 205 shots

If you'd like to watch the videos I shot:  Visit this link.

Here's a few of the 279 photos I took:
The Four Who Dreamed This Up
Matt Jostes, Trevor Lane, Damien Hartzell, and Sean Claes. Four men with a mission to create a Memorial Day Weekend Concert just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. We did it. Backwoods Bash 2008 -

Cosmic Rush
Cosmic Rush

Will Porter/Damien Hartzell
Will Porter/Damien Hartzell

Greg Schroeder
Greg Schroeder

Todd Davis
Todd Davis

Steve Liddell
Steve Liddell


Cannonball Sunday
Cannonball Sunday

Ben Sumner and Sean Claes
Ben Sumner and Sean Claes

The Banner Year (of Austin,TX)
The Banner Year

Austin's Full Service
Full Service


May 22, 2008

Wiener Dog Races on KLRU's Docubloggers

I went to the Buda Wienerdog Races this year... it was great. I took a few videos of the races just to document it and was going to upload them to my YouTube but for some reason it wouldn't upload. So... today I was talking to someone at work who said that KLRU's Doccubloggers was going to do (or has done) a spot on the races.

Being the Google fiend I am... I went searching. Apparently they were uploading it to their YouTube as we were talking about it. I think I was the first viewer of this particular upload. So... I thought I'd share. It's VERY well done and it captures the idea and excitement that is the Buda Wiener Dog Races.

Hope you enjoy. It was produced by Domenique Bellavia.

What they have to say:
Each year in Buda Texas the Lions Club host the County fair, and one of the featured activities are the wiener dog races. Now, people from all over the US bring their Dachshund to dress up and run!

May 21, 2008

Buy this tape... but as a digital Download

You can download this album for just $5 at:
The $$ will go directly towards the gas money for the bands playing the first ever Backwoods Bash at the Thundermoon Ranch in Mannford, Oklahoma.. this weekend (May 23-25, 2008)

May 16, 2008

Austin Band Tungsten Coil gets Gear Stolen

Tungsten Coil @ Emo's Lounge 5/10/08

On Monday May 12 at 5:30am Austin band, and INsite May Cover story, Tungsten Coil's rehearsal space was broken into (Public Storage 10001 N. IH35 in Austin). Two men made off with a good amount of the band's gear.

- M-Audio Axiom 61-key MIDI Controller (dark grey; 5th volume slider is broken off)
- Roland AX-7 Keytar (white; black duct tape along bottom edge, Tungsten Coil sticker, sanded-down thumb-button on handle) Serial#: ZU48734
- Marshall AVT50H Head - 50watt "AVT Valve State" (black; rip along top, was covered by grey duct tape)
- Big Briar Theremin (black)
- Roland Volume/expression pedal (black; clear tape over volume adjuster knob)
- Yamaha sustain foot pedal (black)
- Ampeg B2RE amp (rack mount; medium grey) Serial#: DGADS50052
- SVT 4x10 Ampeg Cabinet Serial#: DWADS40047
- ESP LTD C305 5-string bass guitar (see-thru blue: could see wood through paint)
- ESP LTD F250 6-string guitar (black; rusted out hardware; Gibson neck pickup)
- Yamaha RGX 520 FX 6-string guitar (red maple top)
- Schecter Hellraiser series 7-string guitar (flat black; 2 marks on back--top and bottom; EMG active pickups)
- 3"x60"x24" carpeted carrying case (black carpet outside, dark grey foam inside)
- 4"x60"x24" carpeted carrying case (black carpet outside, dark grey foam inside)
- 3 Yamaha BR12 black carpeted monitors Serial#: #013934028 13935844 13936600 13936472
- Vanilla 6-plug power strip with "Tungsten Coil" written on the back
- Universal power adapter attached to power strip with zip-ties
- Power supply for Big Briar Theremin attached to power strip with zip-ties
- 15-minute Energizer battery charge
- 2 Whirlwind IMP2 Standard Direct boxes (black, zip-tied together)
- Midiman 2x2 Midi Merge (pink)

Although the video cameras were on.. all they got was fuzzy video.
They have uploaded all of the information they've been able to gather to help a)find their gear and b) bust these 2 individuals who stole it. Click the gear list to go to Tungsten Coils list complete with pictures of gear missing... and other information

May 12, 2008

Backwoods Bash - Line-up and Album Release

Backwoods Bash Releases Benefit Concert Band List
And 20-Track $5 Digital Download Album

TULSA/ AUSTIN – The buzz is building surrounding the first-ever Backwoods Bash which will happen Labor Day Weekend at Thundermoon Paintball in Mannford, Oklahoma. Entertainment, Camping, Music, and Good times will abound at the festival that has adopted the motto Be Good.

Organizers of the event, Sean Claes ( of Austin, and Trevor Lane ( and Damien Hartzell ( of Tulsa have announced the full line up for the Saturday, May 24, 2008 Benefit Show. All of the following bands have donated their music and services for the sake of the charities (TC Lane Foundation and Vertical Life) and for the sake of the song.

The Official Line-up for the 2008 Backwoods Bash
Noon - Will Porter (
1:00PM - Greg Schroeder (
2:00PM - Joel Wade (
3:00PM - Steve Liddell (
4:00PM – ValerieStar (
5:00PM - Cannonball Sunday (
6:00PM - The Banner Year (
7:00PM - Somewhat Lucky (
8:00PM - Full Service (
9:00PM – Ghosts (

Each band has also donated music for an Album Backwoods Bash 2008 – Good Music. Good People. Good Times. that was released on on Tuesday, May 5, 2008. For the next 90 days, this 20-song album will be available for a $5 digital download. “We want to make sure everyone has a chance to listen to these great bands. Most of money raised from the downloads will go right back to the bands in order to pay for their gas and expenses,” Trevor Lane said. “These guys are coming from as far away as Dallas and Austin on their own dime.”

Fine folks everywhere will be downloading the album by visiting and clicking on the “add MP3 to cart” button.

Backwoods Bash 2008 – Good Music. Good People. Good Times
1. Songwriter’s Manifesto Will Porter (3:31)
2. Cold Eyes Will Porter (2:26)
3. Nutz N Boltz Ghosts (3:40)
4. Zarro Ghosts (6:34
5. Perception and Belief ValerieStar (3:12)
6. Soul of Me Haunted ValerieStar (5:33)
7. Daylight Robbery The Banner Year
8. A Long Time Coming The Banner Year
9. Blueberry Full Service
10. Hi Ho Full Service
11. Carry Me Home Cannonball Sunday (2:58)
12. Fall Out of Love Cannonball Sunday (3:37)
13. Walk on Water (W.O.W.) Steve Liddell (3:13)
14. Good Love Steve Liddell (3:49)
15. It’s Easy Somewhat Lucky (3:04)
16. Talking Somewhat Lucky (2:53)
17. Dove into a Dive Abaiyo (3:03)
18. Just Breathe Day Dreamer (5:01)
19. Someone’s Waiting Joel Wade (3:41)
20. Fool Greg Schroeder

Backwoods Bash is a 3-day charity event that has been put together for the people and by the people with an independent spirit and a good heart. The entertainment is free, there is a $5 a day or $15 3-day pass fee for parking. For full details and information about the charities we are supporting and the organizations who are sponsoring, please visit

About TC Lane "Make a Difference" Foundation
This foundation is dedicated to "Making a Difference" in memory of TC Lane, who was killed by a man who tried to hide with a history of drinking and driving on Christmas Eve. The mission and aim of this foundation is to support Crime Victims' Rights and Educational Initiatives like "Laptops for Leaders." TC Lane was a political science major, who would have "been a senator, sooner in life, rather than later" according to Stetson University faculty and staff. To learn more please visit:

About Vertical Life Youth Initiatives & Awareness
Vertical Life works with youth social clubs and students. This non-profit organization is designed to enhance the education experience of students and to prepare them for lifestyles of realized potential. Through enhanced education supplements, youth social integration strategies, community service and personal value enrichment programs, we help ordinary students restructure their priorities, redefine their value systems, become socially well adjusted young men and women with an above average education, moral integrity and personal self worth.

May 7, 2008

May 2008 INsite Austin Magazine

This is the cover for the May 2008 INsite Magazine. The cover is Austin band Tungsten Coil with Fox7's Joe Bickett. They are releasing their "Alpha & Omega" on 5/10/08 @ Emo's Lounge in Austin, Texas.

At the show, Fox7's Good Day Austin anchor Joe Bickett will play his guitar on stage for a song.

Cover photo by Jay West

May 6, 2008

Backwoods Bash - An Introduction

Grassroots Concert Encourages Folks to BE GOOD
First Ever Backwoods Bash Near Tulsa, Oklahoma

Austin, TX - Good music. Good People. Good times. These concepts lay the foundation for the theme, Be Good, at the first ever Backwoods Bash (May 23 - 26) at Thundermoon Ranch and Paintball on Mannford Lake in Oklahoma. This is a completely grassroots event for the people and by the people.

In conjunction with the TC Lane "Make a Difference" Foundation and Vertical Life Youth Initiatives, concert promoters from Austin and Tulsa are contributing to help identify sponsors and raise money for these charities. Thus far, the concert is 100% sponsored at every level from bathrooms to sound.

The bands are donating their time, energy and gas money to travel from Austin, Dallas, and several Oklahoma cities to Mannford Lake for this event. The bands have also granted a limited license and donated songs to be sold online through stores like iTunes and other popular music channels for mp3's and ringtones. Thundermoon Ranch and Paintball has donated the venue and use of land for this landmark event.

Additionally, graphic support and creative direction has been sponsored by Creative Concepts Design Studio, while the website ( is powered and sponsored by

Camping is encouraged at this event all weekend for $15 per vehicle or $5 a day per vehicle for parking. Parking is the only cost for attendees. There will be food vendors, but people are invited to bring their own cooler and camping supplies (no glass bottles please). This is true camping, no electricity on-site. Also, no RV's or loud motorbikes are allowed. To reserve a campsite, send an email to

There is a small window of opportunity left for vendors. This year there will be vendors selling food, event t-shirts, music CD's from the bands, a face painter for children, a production team shooting video for a post-event DVD, and original music throughout the weekend with a small revival on Sunday morning. Sponsors include: Auto Optical, Outlaw Entertainment Group, INsite Magazine, Bluehouse Media, Creative Concept Design Studio, and

See the full music and event line-up at