December 29, 2006

I did an abundance of Gift Guide stories this holiday season. Four of them to be exact. Three for the Austin American-Statesman and one of INsite.

I worked up the big INsite Gift Guide, which you can see if you download the current issue (December)

- INsite Magazine's December Issue

Then on Thursday, December 14 I had 3 stories appear in the Austin American-Statesman Holiday Gift Guide.

- Give them a taste of Austin
- Lessons make classic gifts
- Ring in the holidays with local music

If you need any New Years gifts... I guess you can consult these... if not... I think they are pretty good reads.

December 21, 2006

Myspace Secret Shows - AUSTIN TOMORROW

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Doors @ 7:00PM


December 22th, 2006

The Parish

214 E Sixth St
Austin, TX 78701
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THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, so get there early and stay in line

Tell Your Friends

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(NOTE: repost from a MySpace Bulletin)

December 15, 2006

The Best Advice...

The Best Advice Is To be Quiet

By Sean Claes
So, it seems to be the time of our life when a good number of our family and friends are having children. As you likely know, my wife and I are expecting our second child in April (a few days after our first child turns 3). We’ve got 3 or 4 couples at church that are expecting or just had a baby. A few of my wife’s friends are expecting. Now I find out that two of my best friends are expecting as well! One is expecting his second, and the other is about to embark on fatherhood for the first time.

It hasn’t been too prominent this time around for us, but first time parents, weather they want it or not, are subjected to advice. I was on the phone with my friend Trevor last week as he let me know he’s going to be a first-time daddy. My first thought was “there goes that Jagermeister baby-doll t-shirt I was going to give to his wife for Christmas (I’m still sending it by the way Trev.. she can wear the clothes… just not drink the shots)” but that was quickly replaced by joy, happiness, and genuine thrill.

Then it occurred to me that I should warn him. Not about the trials and tribulations of having a child… not about taking care of a pregnant wife… not about colic or spit-ups or projectile vomiting… but I felt the need to warn him about people who learn he’s going to be a first time dad.

What? Warn him against people? Yes. The simple fact is, many people feel the need to share the most tragic, disgusting, negative stories to first time parents. So I thought I’d write this little ditty to let people know sometimes they should just keep their mouths shut.

What NOT to say/do to expectant parents:
- Don’t tell the story about the person you know who knows someone who had a miscarriage or a stillborn birth. Having a child is scary stuff. What good is it to let them know that you have proof that there’s a chance that this child will be anything other than the baby they will someday send off to kindergarten, college, marriage, and be parents to their grandchildren? There is no good reason… at all. Some people say “well, I’m just being truthful.” There’s a fine line between being truthful, being hateful, and being an asshole… and you’re tripping all over it.

- Don’t tell them that their life is effectively over and say something you think is funny like “hope you did everything you wanted to do in life already.” The commercial says “Having a baby changes everything.” It’s true. Having a baby does change everything. There is a new heartbeat to love, cherish, and center you in your universe. Suddenly having a beer at Hooters doesn’t seem like it’s such a big deal. Suddenly going hunting/fishing/playing music/drinking/building model airplanes/going to the movies/eating at expensive restaurants/wearing the newest clothes/impressing others/arguing or anything else you did before this kid was born becomes a bonus and not a reason for existence. This doesn’t mean you have to stop doing any of these things… it just means it won’t be the center of your universe.

- Don’t tell horrible stories of colic. Sometimes babies cry… a lot. Colic is something that, depending on where you look, happens to 10-20% of children ( That doesn’t mean it’ll happen to their child. They should be aware that it isn’t something that is wrong with the child… it’s a fact of life. If you want to give advice about colic… tell them ways to soothe the baby… don’t point and laugh or tell them “oooh… just you wait until your kid won’t stop crying.” It’s not a revenge thing… if you took care of a baby with colic, or the expectant mother or father was a colic baby and you are their parent, you aren’t “passing the torch” to the next person. You of all people should know what a disgustingly hurtful thing that is to say.

- Don’t tell folks who are expecting their second child – “Watch out, if the first one was an angel, the second will be the devil.” You know what, you told really hateful and crappy stories about having a first child, so you’re opinion on the matter isn’t valid.

- Don’t touch the belly. How would you like it if I walked up to a complete stranger and rubbed up against them? I’d be arrested for assult or indecency or for generally being a creep. What makes it OK for people to touch a pregnant woman without warning or permission? If anything you should keep more of a distance from the expectant mother as by the time she’s showing she likely doesn’t want you to touch her, much less rub her belly. She’s carrying a life, she isn’t Buddha.

- If you had a troublesome pregnancy, don’t tell them about it in graphic detail. A simple, “I hope your pregnancy is going well” will suffice. Just because they are pregnant, it doesn’t give you permission to share your woes. It’s they who are pregnant, not you… stop talking about yourself, you self-centered prick.

- The advice I always give folks who are expecting is… don’t listen to anyone. Every pregnancy is different. Every child is unique. There is no solid evidence that the reason that your kid is a little Einstein is because of the way you raised him. It could be in SPITE of you. You really don’t know. All you can do is love this child more than anything in the world (but that’s immediate and you don’t have to work on that).

- My wife and I were raised very differently. We have raised our first child thus far very differently than the way we were raised. I’d like to think we took the best parts of our upbringing, combined it with the things we saw that our friends have done that we agreed with, and added some personal beliefs. That’s the way to raise a child. Learn from your past and your observations. Don’t listen to angry/hateful people who disguise their negativity as “giving advice.” If anything… land if you have to listen to them… just think to yourself “man… I’ll never do THAT to my kid.”

- It’s perfectly allright to tell the person who asks you personal business about your pregnancy that you don’t want to share that that information is Noneya. None of your business. If they persist, ask them about their last pelvic exam or physical. Watch out though… they may tell you.

- If someone shares a negative story, why not ask them to tell you something positive that came from raising a child. That’ll throw them for a loop.

So, if you’re expecting a child. Congratulations! It’s the coolest ride in the world. Have FUN with it. Like I said, we’re working on our second at this point and we will make sure that this second child is engulfed in the same bubble of love that our first currently resides.

So… Little Claes Too, I am really looking forward to meeting you and touching your beautiful face for the first time in April. I cannot imagine the life changes that will occur with your arrival, but I know that we’re in this together. Claes Family of Four are getting ready to take over the world in 2007!

December 14, 2006

What do I want for Christmas

I know you've been racking your brains to wonder what to buy me for Christmas.

I went ahead and made a list for you on Amazon:

My Wish List

Happy Shopping!

Oh... and if you want a copy of the limited editon Boysen-Claes Christmas 2006 CD you need to message me with your address... and I'll send you one.

December 11, 2006

Facundo Is Back! 12/16/06 @ Flamingo Cantina

Facundo is back! December 16, 2006 @ Austin's Flamingo Cantina

Hosted By: Facundo Productions
When: Saturday Dec 16, 2006
at 8:30 PM
Where: The Flamingo Cantina
6th street
Austin, TX 78701
Facundo Productions

Click Here To View Event

Music Line Up: DJ Manny, Vehicular, Many Birthdays, Young Nick and the Haze Boys, Afrofantastic, and The Carabelas Collective (Feat. Sergio Carvajal, John Diaz, Joseph Serrato, Aldo Ramon and Mickey Madrid)

Spoken word, student short films, and much more!


Many Birthdays Video:

The making of a Vehicular video:
VEHICULAR-Music Video Shoot

Sponsored by INsite Magazine
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INsite - Always Entertaining Under The Covers.

December 2, 2006

December INsite on Stands


Here we are again, the end of a year… and what a year it has been. We’ve had fantastic live shows. It doesn’t seem like it was just this February that we threw or first “official” INsite night with Dramarama, Nooner, Freebleeder, Squint amd Analog Missionary. Thanks to all of the other bands who have played an “official” INsite Night this year. Special thanks to Ben Mills of Beached Cow Productions for helping those shows happen.

During December there will be two big shows happening that INsite has been thrilled to be supporting.

The first is the Fireside Creative Showcase at The Parish Room (214 E. 6th) on Friday December 8 where Bayta Darell, Hundred Year Storm, Nooner, Lonestar Pornstar, and Shrapnel will be playing in support of Fireside Creative’s launch of their online portfolio ( $10 gets you in, a 17 song compilation CD, dinner (come early), and a chance to win a Gibson Guitar signed by Chuck Norris.

The second is Facundo at Flamingo Cantina on Saturday, December 16 where you’ll be treated to live music by the likes of DJ Manny, Vehicular, Many Birthdays, Young Nick and the Haze Boys, Afrofantastic, and The Carabelas Collective (Feat. Sergio Carvajal, John Diaz, Joseph Serrato, Aldo Ramon and Mickey Madrid) as well as spoken word, short films and much more.

Now that THAT is out of the way, welcome to the December issue of INsite. As you can see from the cover Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is out in the theatres and INsite had a chance to talk with Mr. Black and Mr. Gass AKA Tenacious D.

Additionally we’ve got an interview with Austin bands Ohn and Hundred Year Flood, Bobby Bones’ New Years Resolutions, and a spotlight on the Corvette in Drive.

The bulk of this issue is dedicated to our gift suggestions. From fashion to gadgets to toys to foodie finds, INsite has got you covered… hopefully. Heck, if you’re anti-holidays, we’ve got something for you as well…read Chuck Loesch’s “Between Rock and a Hard Place.”

That said, I hope you have a fantastic December and I look forward to having the opportunity to bring some great entertainment reading to you in 2007!

Sean Claes
Managing Editor, INsite


Fireside Creative