August 30, 2006

I had a very interesting weekend...

I had a very interesting weekend... here's some highlights.

What's a little Shakira among family?
So, a highschool buddy of mine got married last weekend. My friend Hootand I went to Denton to the wedding and reception. It was an interesting time for many reasons... The groom, I thought, would always be a batchelor...and a college student. He's one of the most intelligent people I know... and has 3 Bachelor's degrees, one Masters and is working on his Doctorate.... he's been in college for about 17 years. But he found a fantastic woman to marry (I think.. I only met her at the reception) and here we are at a country club at the reception...

Now.. I hadn't seen the groom's family for about 17 years... his little sister (who had a troubled childhood to put it nicely) has a 14 or 15 year old son... The groom's parents divorced about 18 years ago... his dad married the secretary (welcome to the stereotype y'all) and they now have 2 sons... the age range about 12-15. Yes... the groom's half-brother and nephew are the same age. OK... that about sets the scene...

The DJ plays Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." The Groom's Step-mom, her two sons and her GRANDSON are dancing in their chairs singing along with every word... not the chorus. I'm talking these four lip synching:
"Senorita, feel the conga, let me see you move like you come from Colombia"


Hoot's Music Collection
So, I'm a music writer, CD reviewer and avid music fan. I would be hard pressed to get hold of a CD that was before 2005 in my truck... I'm always listening to new stuff.

I take this trip to Dallas with Hoot... who hasn't bought a CD in a long time. His iPod was the music for the trip... Let me tell you...I got caught up on my Billy Joel, Eagles, and Guns and Roses. Oh.. and then there's the Reality Show music.. I never thought I'd ever hear from Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood and Marty Casey again... well.. I heard them all. Dude bought Buddy Jewel!

So I made the comment that he didn't have any music that came out after 2001 and wasn't connected to a reality show in his iPod.. he took that challenge... He opened up his "purchased" songs and there were 170 of them...he said 50% would be new songs. Well.. we went through 100 of them before we stopped at McDonalds for lunch (next story) and only 20 of them that were new... and 18 of them were bought for his wife (including "Hips Don't Lie" which we can never listen to again without shuddering). He claimed Trace Adkins' "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" and Blue October's "Hate Me"
While on the road from Dallas to Houston, my friend Hoot and I stopped off at a McDonalds for lunch. First, there were about 12 people working the store... but the 2 lines 4 deep weren't moving at all...for about 5 minutes. Yeah... but that's not the disturbing part. That's just McDonalds. So, we order and are waiting off to the side, like good McDonalds drones and suddenly this teenage anglo boy walks up to the register... the following conversaion actually occcured. I swear...this is almost verbatim.

McDonalds Employee: Can I take your order?
Teenage kid: Yeah... now do'n mess this up...aayte?
I wan't two double cheeseburgers... (pause)
...ketchup and mayo? (pause) I ain't havin' none of dat. that secret sauce you got?
McDonalds Employee: You mean special sauce?
Teenage kid: Yeah... gimme that.... and bacon.
McDonalds Employee: ...
Teenage kid: You got tha bacon?

Now.. he goes and orders about 3 other things like that.. then at the end when the cashier tells him the total... he hands him a $20 and says... "This is for the cheeseburgers..."
We were laughing so hard that I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation...

August 24, 2006

My views on politics are just that.. my views. I'm not here to share or push anything on you....
You see...Some people are pro-war... some people are anti-war some people just like "War Pigs."
Some protest...some complain... and some... like Austin's Hundred Year Flood... write a song and make a video.

Here it is:

Posted By:Hundred Year Flood

Get this video and more at

(Thanks Micha'el)

Visit them at:

August 22, 2006

Resealable socks...

I just got a new pack of socks. There are a dozen pair in the package. They came in a resealable package. Is this really necessary to have zip-loc sock bags? Am I doing something wrong by discarding the bag when I decide to wash the socks before wearing them? Am I supposed to save the bag and use it to store them once they are clean?

Why in the heck do socks come in a resealable bag?
I guess I'll have to write to Haynes about this...

Also... I was driving my little one to daycare today and I saw two people driving with no shirts on. Come on folks, I know it's hot out there, but unless you passed out in the parking lot last night and woke up with no clothes on, there's really no reason to be driving topless at 9:00a.m.

Random thoughts for a Tuesday.
Thank you.

August 18, 2006

The Dirty Dog - Stars Hang Here

You never know who you'll run into when you hang out at The Dirty Dog Bar on 6th Street. I had gone down to see Loss Rayne perform and I happened upon this scene.

An Aluminum Longhorn

This photo may just look like any other group of dudes hanging out at sixth street... but these guys are some of the cast members of a yet untitled Kimberly Pierce Project that is filming in Austin right now.

I didn't get everyone's name (it was a bar... not an interview) but the man wearing the camo pants is Channing Tatum (Star of Step Up) and the one on the far right is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (you may recognize him from his work on Third Rock From The Sun).

Happy Friday.

August 17, 2006

Recycling, Biscuits, Education, and Smoking

Watch out... I'm flying off on a tangent here...


The other day I was helping my wife’s work a little bit. We were going over old things and recycling some of the materials that weren’t needed for archives and was out of date. Well.. we kept throwing things into the recycling bin.. and I kept looking at the word. The prefix “re” is an odd one. It assumes that it’s a repeat of something that’s happened before… so re-cycling is actually cycling again. Although the recycling bin was on wheels, I doubt that it’s been cycling.

Speaking of cycling… Lance Armstrong is retired… but if we look at the meaning of the word.. it just means “tired again.”

Refried Beans – I don’t think I’ve ever had “fried beans.” I think that would be damned good though… individually breaded beans. Like a carb-carnival in your mouth. Yummy.

On another note, I was making biscuits yesterday… yes I’ve become quite the “Johnny Homemaker” since I’ve started working from home… First thing I ddid was take the frozen biscuits out of the bag ( OK not that much of a homemaker…) and set them up to “rise.” Little did I know, the frozen biscuits had to rise for 6-8 hours… it was 4:00p.m. when I decided to make them….so… here I was at 11:00p.m. making biscuits…

Anyhow, while reading the directions it told me to “place on center rack in oven.” Now, I don’t know how tall your oven is, but mine only has 2 racks… a top and a bottom. I don’t have a center rack. There’s a slot in the center of the oven to put a rack, but technically its not the center rack unless there’s a rack above and below.

Maybe that’s a side-effect of working at a job with PhDs for over 4 years… I keep seeing things too literally. Like Is it “no child left behind” “Not any children left behind” “No humans within school ages left behind?” How about - “Everyone advances!”

This may be a little Ricky Bobby of me (I’ve yet to see that by the way) but I believe there should be a first place. I’m not of the school of mind that all things are equal… every kid should be on the same level, get the same rewards no matter what effort they put into the work. I think those who can do so should be allowed to advance.

I think there are some children who have certain disabilities (mental or physical) who are not going to advance at the same level. It serves an injustice to not allow kids who advance faster to move ahead.

I think that causes more animosity towards the child who needs that extra help. The children who need the extra help should receive that help… they shouldn’t be “left behind” or made examples of or hidden away in another classroom next to the janitors closet…. They deserve an education and if it takes extra work to get it done, so be it..

Now, teachers are the hardest working folks on the planet. If it were up to me teachers would be the highest paid profession in the world. So many rules, regulations, checks and balances… THEN they have to take care of the kids and *gasp* be able to teach them…

Oh…I mentioned janitors. People, do yourselves a favor and make friends with your custodial staff. Janitors hold the place together. If you learn one thing from this little blurb of my thoughts…learn this. The custodial staff RULES. Executives come and go, but custodians, to quote ‘The Breakfast Club” are the “Eyes and Ears of the institution.” If you ever want to know what is going on… two people know: The smokers and the custodians.

Smokers know things because smoking is the great equalizer. The secretary, executive, PR person, and accountant all huddle around an ashtray about 3 times a day. It’s like the water cooler…but cancerous.

Maybe I should go back to making biscuits…
Until next time.

August 12, 2006

Kyle, Texas Daily Photos!!

An Aluminum Longhorn

I came across a blog of daily photos from Austin, so I thought I'd take a stab at doing it for Kyle, Texas.

It's where I live, just a short shot south of Austin and north of San Marcos.

I'll do my best to take a photo a day... or at least 3-5 a week.

Follow this link to find my daily photos as well as a little explanation about the shot....and/or what's in it.

Hope you enjoy.

August 10, 2006

Nooner/The Addictions/ 21 Down/ The Personals TOGETHER ALL LOCAL INSITE NIGHT at Stubbs...

Want a sneak-peek for your ears?
Come on out... Just $10 at the door and all the music your mind can handle.

See you tonight.

August 8, 2006

Patrice Pike on Rock Star: Supernova

Austin Rocks...
That's not new news... let's support our local in Rock Star: Supernova.

Patrice is now one of TV's Top 10 Rockers!

We need all you fans and other supporters to vote for her as often as
Fans like you have the ability to keep her on the show and slaying the
judges with killer performances for 10 more weeks.

Tune in to the show, vote frequently (voters have more than two hours
after the show) and tell your friends.

"Rock Star: Supernova"
The Tommy Lee Project
CBS Summer Series

Tuesday Performances/8 p.m. CDT, August 8
Wednesday Eliminations/7 p.m. CDT, August 9

Catch all the show performances, view new photos of Patrice and post

Keep up with the discussion at

Supernova Logo

August 7, 2006

A Feature on Me - Wow....

So, I'm from Laredo. I worked for a time at the Laredo Morning Times. I met a lot of writers. Recently, I reconnected with a writer acquantience from Laredo - Mike McIlvain.... he interviewed me for a story in the July issue of LaraDos magazine... I didn't realize he'd posted it to his blog as well...

So... click on Mike to get to his blog and my story...

Sean Claes photo
Thanks Mike.

August 6, 2006

August 2006 INsite online and on stands

INsite Austin Logo
Letter From The Editor

Its August. Time to start preparing for back to school or to deny the fact that school will begin soon and just have a good time. If you arent in school anymoredisregard everything but the last five words of the above sentence. Thats what were here for to remind you that no matter what there is to do in life, you should always take time to enjoy yourself.

As you will see from our cover this month, weve got interviews with Will Ferrell and Kevin Smith. I dare you to go see Talladega Nights and Clerks II and not laugh your butt off. Weve also got a great feature on Austins Alejandro Escovedo who is brining his The Boxing Mirror tour to The Backyard. We also talk with Kevin Fowler about the upcoming two-night stand at Midnight Rodeo.

All that and features on Birds Barber Shop, Art In Public Places, El Rey Restaurant, and 365 Days, 365 Ways. Of course dont forget our monthly DVD and CD reviews and columns by Bobby Bones and Chuck Loesch.

Weve got some great photos for you as well from our monthly INsite Hindsite to this months special Driving on Julys Custom Sounds Texas Heat Wave, to a spot dedicated to the Warped, Ozzfest and Sounds of the Underground tour.

In off news, I posed for my first album cover this month Im on the playground in Austin reggae/rock/funk band Full Services Recess. Im not supposed to tell you they are having an all-ages Fansaw Appreciation Night on August 12 at the Rockin Tomato (3303 S. Lamar) so I wont.

Speaking of August 12, it is also the night were going to be throwing a little shindig of our own. INsite Night at Stubbs (801 Red River) will feature Nooner, The Addictions, 21 Down, and The Personals. What a line-up! Its an all-ages show so grab the nearest music lover to you and come on out. Free water to the first 10 people who come up to me and recite a memorable Clerks II quote.

Have a memorable August.

- Sean Claes
Managing Editor, INsite
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INsite – Always Entertaining Under The Covers.

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August 4, 2006

Updates to seanclaesDOTcom

Updates to Sean Claes DOT com

I've just had a chance to update my site with some of the things I've been writing and shooting for the last month.

Find everything online at:

Kevin Smith - Clerks II
Kevin Fowler - Plays 2 Nights in Austin in August
Birds Barbershop - Austin's New Rock n' Roll Barbershop

Entertainment Photogrpahy:
Loss Rayne @ The Dirty Dog
Reel Big Fish @ The BackRoom
Big Blue Hearts @ The Gibson Guitar Showroom

CD Reviews:
Alteza - Mexico to Texas
Ryan T. Briggs - Let It Roll
The Dog Waggers - Chasin' Tales
The Flying Club - Far and Away
Freebleeder - Drink and Destroy
Jenny Hollub - Decide.
Tom Petty - Highway Companion
Plane of Existence - Kinetic
Slayer - Christ Illusion
Smile and Nod - The Ties
Various Artists - Texas Unplugged Volume 2
Various Artists - Cow Hear This 3
Various Artists - Blues Guitar Women
Hank Williams III - Straight To Hell

I also have a MySpace Account.

Visit the Sean Claes Archives for material I've done in the past or to simply say hello… it also doubles as my messageboard.