April 29, 2010

Week 34 - SuperLiteBike - Away We Go

Before we couldn't tell / Our thoughts were all dispersed / Experience the inner body at its worst / But we called out for the signs / and they showed us they were there/ And that they're all around us / telling us that good times are coming.  - "That's A Lot Of Adhesive"

Away We Go

A band born from the melding of two local bands, Pocketful of Deng and The War Against Sleep, SuperLiteBike has taken a big risk. They’ve put together a concept album to serve up as their first effort. According to the bio, the songs on Away We Go describe “the story of a girl leaving the planet only to come back and realize that’s her home.”

I’ve got to say, this style of concept-ethereal-sonic-indie rock isn’t usually by bag. It’s got that sound that would be very appealing to the scene in Austin known as the “hipsters.” And, I’ve been told very poignantly that I am not in that crowd (thank you hairstylist at Beauty Bar). All that aside, I’ve got to say, good music is good music.

The songs are all fully realized with sonic guitarwork and percussion providing the backdrop for the creeping lyrics of Patrick Husband. The entire outfit gives a Talking Heads-meets-Spoon-meets-Ghostland Observatory vibe.

Away We Go leads off with 2:30 minutes of sonic pleasure building up to the kick-off of the chanting “That’s A Lot Of Adhesive.” Carrying on is the organ-meets-guitar jam of “Raise the Colors” then it slows down for instrumental track “The Great Erie” that serves as the intro to the horn-infused “Something With the Spectrum.”

My favorite track on Here We Go has to be “Home.” It’s the seventh track and kind of serves as the epicenter of the journey. Its got a really interesting QueenBohemian Rhapsody” type breakdown in the middle. “Can I get back to where I’m from? Will I get back everything I’ve known? Can I tell you everything I’ve learned? Will I ever find my way? ”

From there the story winds down with the very Spoon-esque mind-opening jam “Unbelievable Party!!! Cool” followed by the retrospective “See Change” and the 8-minute dream-finalizing “Let’s See A Jet Plane.”

SuperLiteBike will be releasing Away We Go on May 13 at The Parish. I’d be interested to see how this sound is pulled off live. It has got some really complex technical riffs and mood swings throughout. If they can capture live what they captured on Away We Go the release party will be an epic event not to be missed. I know the album is one that should be heard by anyone who appreciates good music… hipster or not.

For more information on SuperLiteBike, visit http://www.superlitebike.com.

There wasn't much video on YouTube on Superlitebike... but.. for a little video taste:

Here's a video flier the band did for a Free Week promo back in February.. good stuff.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great words about our new album! we don't have any other live video, but you can see our series of video-flyers on youtube. They are all very funny and worth a watch. See you all Thursday May 13, 2010 @ The Parish for a unbelievable party!!! cool. ;-)