April 16, 2010

I'm not judging this round, but I've judged the Music Lab / Raw Deal Battle of the bands several times in the past. INsite's Food Editor and music contributor Marsha Mann will be judging tomorrow night. In my experience this series of shows has introduced me to some of my favorite bands in Austin. Judging Battle of the Bands is where I first heard Bright Light Social Hour, Prey For Sleep, and Language Room. Past winners include Zlam Dunk and Brink of Disaster.

This is the 12th Battle. Who will make the cut and take the prize? Head out to the Red Eyed Fly tomorrow night (Saturday April 17, 2010) and find out.

Here's the line-up

Music Lab/Raw Deal Battle Of The Bands XII- Finals
12:30-Knock On Wood
11:40-Naked Empire
10:50-Arctica Embrace
10:00-Stegosaurus Lips
9:10-Jalapeno Heads
8:20-AM Meltdown

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