November 14, 2006

December 8 - Parish Room

Five unique bands will grace the stage at Austin’s Parish Room on December 8, 2006. The hauntingly beautiful sounds of the intergalactic band, Bayta Darell (bey-tuh duh-rel), start things off at 8:30 followed at 9:30 by Hundred Year Storm (huhn-drid yeer stawrm) the ambitious experimental quartet who released two great albums in three months on two labels and who will be sure to capture your attention for a half-hour before they head out on yet another grueling tour. Nooner (noo-ner) comes up at 10:30, and the boys will bring plenty of their signature catchy ego-rock for the masses. At 11:30 as the witching hour approaches, LoneStar PornStar (lohn-stahr pawrn-stahr) will hit you directly in the face with their funk-driven, ass-shakin, gangsta-style, hard rock. And just when you think the Parish Room’s energy level has peaked, at 12:30, Shrapnel (shrap-nl) will launch a sonic assault of progressive metal music that is sure to send the audience into a hypnotic frenzy. Why the hell are all of these amazingly different indie bands performing together? Simple. They are all part of the Fireside Creative family and are playing to celebrate the launch of the new online portfolio found at Consider this your personal invitation to the show. $10 will get you through the door, get you a 17-song compilation CD of Fireside Creative-friendly bands (that’s 7 more songs than iTunes can give you at that price), and it may even get you a free Gibson guitar signed by Chuck Norris. Yes… Chuck F*&@ing Norris. He’s a former Fireside Creative client too. That’s just how we roll.
Come early and we’ll feed you too.

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