November 28, 2006

DAX in Austin 11/30

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DAX to Celebrate Release of Two Tracks at Elysium on Thursday

One of Austin..s premier industrial rock bands, DAX (think Nine Inch Nails meets KMFDM meets David Bowie), will be celebrating the release of two new tracks to the new MySpace music store on Thursday, November 30, 2006 with a show at Elysium (705 Red River).

Why celebrate a release of music to MySpace and not the release of an album? Simple. In order to get DAX..s music out to the listening public sooner than later, the band has decided to release songs to MySpace for purchase. This way there will be some new DAX music released every few months, and people can buy directly from the DAX MySpace page .. .

One of the tracks being released, "And the Band Played On," follows the theme of the world coming to an end. According to lead vocalist Dax Callner, "It is a funky, mellow tune that gradually gets more and more intense, ending with an orgy of instruments and voices". Everyone knows if the world is going to end, an orgy is in order.

A rough mix of the dark, sensual dance song, "Suffer," was chosen for inclusion on the Texas Music Magazine ( compilation that was released with the Magazine..s Fall 2006 issue. Its been refined and finalized for its release on Thursday.

You can currently listen to the two tracks on the DAX MySpace page .. . They will be available for purchase on Thursday.

DAX will be playing Austin's Elysium (705 Red River) at midnight Thursday, November 30. Supporting bands will be Saturday's Radar (10p.m.) and Matches for Memories (11p.m.). The show is a 21+ gig and entrance is $5.
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DAX is:
Dax Callner - vocals, Erin Markle - vocals, Mark Nine - bass, Forrest Foster - drums, Erik Gard - guitar, Rhoades D'ablo - guitar, Chad Stumbaugh - keyboard

Extra: DAX Tidbit:
The Austin Business Journal editor Lance Williams recently interviewed DAX lead vocalist Dax Callner for a piece about musicians who are also players in the business world (Callner is a marketing strategist, with clients such as eBay, Microsoft, Intel and HP) that will be out in mid-December.


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