May 6, 2006

Plum Creek Subdivision in Kyle to Host Community-Wide Garage Sale

When rain clears up, there should be some amazing bargains...

Plum Creek Subdivision in Kyle to Host Community-Wide Garage Sale

People who take advantage of garage sales are a special breed, they will get up before the rooster and comb over the paper to find the best ones. What if some of the best bargains in the area could be centralized in one place? Well, for the last five years, the community of Plum Creek in Kyle, Texas have been doing just that. This Saturday May 6, 2006 is the day for Plum Creek’s Fifth Annual Community-Wide Garage Sale.

Plum Creek is a 2,200-acremaster-planned community located in the city of Kyle, Texas just 10 minutes north of San Marcos (up IH-35). At this point, the subdivision is 1/4 developed and that means over 1,000 homes will potentially be having a garage sale.

Who knows what fantastic treasures will be found? Dressers? Beds? DVDs? Children’s clothes? Toys? The potential is limitless. “People have all kinds of stuff for sale - toys, clothing, furniture, books, blacklight posters - you can't go down the street without finding something of interest,” Kyle City Council (District 3) member and Plum Creek resident David Salazar said. “My wife Esperanza, who is a school teacher, has come home with some great children’s books.”

The great bargains are but one reason to come out to the community-wide garage sale. Another reason it is such a hit is it gives folks who are considering a move to the area a chance to talk with the residents of Plum Creek in an informal setting. It also gives residents of the neighborhood a chance to catch up on each other’s lives. “Few people aside from politicians and salespeople routinely make the effort to go door-to-door to meet people,” Salazar said. Events like this offer us great opportunities to meet other people in the community who we may not come across in the course of our busy lives.”

This garage sale is also special because it kicks off the Fifth Annual Front Porch Days Celebration as well. For more information on Front Porch Days, download the Official Program at

So, come on out to Plum Creek’s Community-wide garage sale. Spend a few dollars and get a few treasures… It all takes place in one neighborhood and in one morning, Saturday, May 6, 2006 from 8:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.

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