May 31, 2006

Billboards and Cheese...

Driving down I-35 to Laredo I saw two fantastic billboards.

1. Bud Light - It's Always Worth It. - Now... considering you have a beer advertisement on a highway..that's one... then saying "It's always worth it" just makes me think of the backwoods 3-tooth in daddy's hand-me-down Nova... giving that billboard a thunmbs up before being helped into the back of a police car...

2. Medical Supply Company Billboard:
 - Diabetic Supplies
- Scooters
- Incontenence

Now I know where to go when I need me some incontenence. I have been worried about that for years.

I love highway driving.

Cheesy: I bought this sliced cheese at the grocery store.. and I found some I thought I'd go with the cheapest. I ended up with "Galaxy Nutritional Foods Sandwich Slices"

I just made a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch... something tasted odd. As first I thought the bread or the ham was bad...but it wasn't so.

I notice now that my sliced cheese says cheese nowhere on the packaging.
Oh.. dear..lord...I think that I'm eating 75 % plastic.

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