July 15, 2010

Week 45: Trashy and the Kid - Songs in the Key of Blow Me

(This is week 45 of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project)
“Bring me your cast-off your troubled and abused / We’ve got Kool-Aid and burgers and are easily amused.” – Cult Next Door

Trashy and the Kid
Songs In The Key of Blow Me
Immoral Records

Unapologetic, somewhat vulgar, angry, and self-deprecating… these are a few words that would describe the Austin-based punk band Trashy and the Kid (TATK). But that should be pretty apparent when considering the name of the album… Songs in the Key of Blow Me.

For those who know the band… you’re aware above description is actually a compliment. With their first full-length album, TATK presents eleven tracks of Alice Cooper meets Guns and Roses meets Iggy Pop punk rock and roll. Five of the songs on this album are revamped versions of songs from their Run For Your Life EP. I’m glad they included them because the band members are vastly different then those on the EP and a quality studio production really fleshes out the songs well.

The album kicks off with “Poledancer’s Circus” where they welcome their “wicked children.” Other titles which have titles as interesting as the songs are “Rampant Sex on the Hell Train” and “Little Dirty Daughter,” both improved tracks from their first EP. The other three from the EP that appear here are “Kid,” “Dar Al Harb,” and “Run For Your Life.”   

The funny-to-me “Cult Next Door” reminds that no matter how bad you think someone is… they’re likely better than someone else’s neighbor. If you’ve ever wondered what serial killers may be thinking perhaps “Lara” is the song for you. “Hands are Tied” explores an S&M relationship.  “I Don’t Give A F@#$” sounds oddly like Golden Earring’s “Radar Love.” They also do a rocked-out Dresden Dolls cover with “Half Jack.”

Although “Cult Next Door” is pretty fantastic, my favorite track on this album (and live for that matter) remains “Dar Al Harb.” It begins with Winston Churchill’s words of hope from December 24, 1941. But the sing-along worthy lyrics are what captured me from the beginning.

“General Custard was a hell of a man.
He walked into the bar with his soul in his hand
And sure I believe that it will all go to plan
I built this house why make me burn it down?”

For me, “Dar Al Harb” took special meaning when, at their CD release party, a fan dressed in his military uniform was screaming word for word and ended up on stage with the band.

TATK’s bio on MySpace mentions they conceived this band after hearing just how bad “Cold” by Crossfade was. Trashy and the Kid is coming to save rock and roll… or perhaps keep it from being “saved” and making sure it continues to survive in the hearts of the fans and fears of the parents.

You can catch them live at Stubb’s this Saturday with Waiting for August, Full Stride, and Radio Fallout ( You can win tickets here) . Find out more about Trashy and the Kid on their Website.



Anonymous said...

that "fan" is there original guitar player

Sean Claes said...

Well.. that makes a whole lot of sense, then. Thanks Anon.