July 11, 2008

Austin Bands, do you DO512?

DO512.com is a great tool to promote shows and network around. If you're not aware of it... you should be. The basis is... you can post all of your band information and/or show information and it creates a page for you complete with a linkable, repostable "poster" of the image you uploaded or the list of the bands that are going to be there. Now.. it gets put in the hands of the "people" next... as folks who are members of do512 can click "I like it" to any show... and the more votes a show gets, the more likely it'll rise to the top of the day's search.. and/or be included in the end of the week's "Top Picks" that is e-mailed out to the list of do512'ers.

INsite Magazine, has teamed up with DO512 and they are working together to produce the listings* that run in the magazine. They are also using do512 for the promotion of their INsite Nights. Here's the next 4 INsite Night links... you'll see examples of both with poster and without. If you are a do512 member, please click "I Like It" on these. It would rock.

Vote for this event on Do512.com! INsite Night - Point of Contact, Under the Gun, Hazard of the Industry and Unnamed Project for Revenge
Vote for this event on Do512.com! Squint, She Craves, Dented, Forever Falls, Call Me Sensei - INsite Night
Vote for this event on Do512.com! Full Service + Friends - INsite Night
Vote for this event on Do512.com! INsite Night - The Banner Year, She Craves, 6 Pack Deep, Litany For The Departed

*Deadline for inclusion of listings in INsite is always the 21st of the month for the next month. So... use do512 for promoting your gigs... it's easy... and a pretty cool tool... and you may end up doubling your promotional efforts by ending up in INsite.

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