March 2, 2007


Local Bands Produce Growing Punk Showcase

Austin-based bands Redefining the Moment and The Banner Year have created a showcase for local Austin punk bands and branded it ATX Punk: Down to the Wire. This is a local grassroots effort between the bands and managers of the Dirty Dog bar to surge a revival of a punk rock scene in the Austin area.

"We have begun to realize the ever-changing scenery in the Austin music scene and want to take the opportunity to shine some light on a genre that usually gets swept under by the surge of indie-pop bands," said Grant Irvin, guitarist for Redefining the Moment. "We hope that this ever-growing showcase will continue to establish itself in the Austin roots and build a strong following for punk music fans."

ATX Punk: Down to the Wire was started with the concept of drawing in large amounts of street traffic by purchasing kegs of beer that patrons can partake in after purchasing a wristband for $5. After much success with this during the first showcase, the bands have chosen to repeat this gesture for all future ATX Punk showcases.

The upcoming showcase on Friday March 2nd at the Dirty Dog bar features Hazard of the Industry at 9:30pm, Redefining the Moment at 10:45pm, and The Banner Year at 12:00am. Wristbands are available for pre-purchase from RTM's and TBY's websites and myspace accounts, and will be sold at the door. 18+ patrons will also be welcomed in for a $5 cover.

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