February 13, 2006

Monday Morning Memories

When you see your friend dancing by himself to a cover band past 10:00p.m. on a weeknight... DON'T buy him another shot... if anything get that man a glass of water.

Old smokers are some of the most interesting folks in the world... I was dropping a friend off at the airport last Friday afternoon and we were running early, so we dropped into th Denny's by the Austin airport. It must be outside the city limits...because they had a smoking room. Since my friend was a smoker...we sat there and sipped coffee (because we may or may not have danced to a cover band the night before). So we overheard these 3 older men...talking about military days, and swapping stories... the one that looked like Hank Hill's father suddenly said "Nothing can beat sex at noon when your sweaty and.....etc..." At that point I almost spewed coffee across the table and screamed "stop talking Hank Hill's Dad..STOP!" I won't continue..because my ears still bleed.

But that threw us into a conversation.. I'd forgotten how much I was missing out on since i quit smoking... the stories.. the unspoken friendship between all smokers... you want to find out something about a company? Hang out at the smokers area and ask for a light... you're in.

I also realized I do a lot of things because I think it's funny... I have my own fan club on MySpace...because it's funny to me. I wear Hawaiin shirts on Friday...because it's funny. I write these blogs..because I think they're funny. I took a photo of myself in a serious pose with dark lighting because it made me laugh. It's a little tongue-in-cheek... I know... but it gives me a chuckle.

I'm kind of laughing at those who do those things seriously... and I came up with a phrase for those folks... they are "cool like Robin Williams." Meaning.. they are trying to be cool... but they really are just funny.

On that note.. the coffee is calling.

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