September 26, 2005

ACL, Emo's, Alamo Draft House - 5 Days...

Wow, what a weekend.

Photos of ACL Fest (from 9/24-25/05), The Sinus Show (9/24/05), and Emo's and Redrum (9/21/05) are up at the homepage (

My weekend started on Wednesday with a few concerts in Austin. I made it out to the 101X NO CONTROL Homegrown Live at Redrum to see a few local hardcore bands. I saw Meet Fist and By Any Means Necessary. Then I headed over to Emo's and waited for Every Time I Die to play. Saw some interesting bands open. ETID were great...and the lead singer from The Chariot was a hoot (yeah.. a hoot) when he climbed ONTO the crowd in order to wrap himspef around a pipe on the ceiling (see photos). I'd have to say that By Any Means Necessary were my favorite. Lead singer Adam Wright comes on like a young hardcore version of Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys/ Broken Teeth).

Thursday we attended my wife's grandmother's funeral. It was a day I won't soon forget. Too much to get into in a blog.

Friday we were going to do some family stuff with the in-laws, but the daughter's daycare let out at noon, because we were supposed to have the hellish weather that never really came to the Austin area (thak God). So, we thought about heading out to ACL Fest, but pretty much didn't have the energy to do it after such a hectic Thursday. Man, I'd have loved to see The Black Crowes though.

Saturday afternoon, after spending a few hours at ACL Fest (Asylum Street Spankers Rocked..and I kept thinking I was in an episode of "The OC" while Aqualung/Built To Spill/ Death Cab For Cutie played - "Ryan! No!") with the family, we came home, I took a quick shower to get the layer of dust off of me and headed back to Austin for the The Sinus Show at the Alamo Drafthouse. They were mocking the classic "Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park."

This was my first Sinus Show... and being a HUGE Kiss fan...and a pretty big fan of making fun of movies I was pretty pumped about this. Let me just say this... if you haven't seen The Sinus Show before, make it out for this. I probably laughed harder and truer than I have in a long time. There will be a story about The Sinus Show (It turns 5 years old in October) written by Danna Williams in October's INsite ( with some of the photos I took...

Sunday the family and I made it back out to the fest, determined to make it long enough to see Ruthie Foster. My wife and 17 month-old daughter stayed at the Austin Kiddie Limits section (The Biscuit Brothers are awesome by the way) and I went off to take a few photos of a some performances (M83 were allright, I liked Zykos, I ran into David (Dahveed) Garza jamming to Brave Combo). When I got back to the family, we wandered over to see Ruthie Foster, then it was way too darn hot, so we left after Foster was on her third song. I'm not sure if I want to do the "family thing" and the "photo thing" ever again.

My observation about this year's ACL Fest is... these were a bunch of bands who should be playing in a dark club hours after the sun goes down... not in 100 degree weather amidst the sunshine and happy things. I'm not a big fam of Emo music, but I can understand the broody nature of it. When I was a teenager I had my Metallica "Dyer's Eve." This generation has Coldplay's "Clocks." OK.

Thanks to Buddy Guy for showing folks how to do it... and Ruthie Foster for bringing the Gospel to the Gospel and Blues stage... and the Biscuit Brothers for putting on such an entertaing show for the kiddo's. Actually, the entire Austin Kiddie Limits area was awesome. The free Clif bars, caractitures, ACLfest temporary tattoos, and baloon animals were awesome. The volunteers at the fest were awesome as well...

Best shirt for sale at ACL: My Mom's Tattoo is Cooler Than Your Mom's Tattoo
Funniest t-shirt moment: Seeing a girl in an "I love cereal" shirt talking to a guy with an "I have candy" shirt
Coolest people at ACL: all those people who gave us water.

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