December 31, 2005

Pass the Bowl...please

I was reading a posting on a message board from a girl named Biff the other day and she was talking about how she hates the way that football rules her TV between Christmas and Early January due to bowl time... to which I mentioned that there really is only one real championship game.. the Rose Bowl..and all others are really just "sorry-you're-not-one-of-the-two-best-teams-but-here's-a-game-for-you-so-you-don't-feel-bad" bowls.

Well... among other things, she had one piece of wisdom I thought was a jewel...and I totally agree with. Now.. suspend your knowledge of college football completely and just go with logic.

Her great point? Bowl games should only be named after things that fit in a bowl.

If this were true.. only a few of the 28 games this year could be broadcast... Since you can't put a city in a bowl...the New Orleans, Las Vegas, Houston, Motor City, and Music City bowls would be gone. We'd say aloha to Hawaii too. Gone would be the Product-endorsement bowls of GMAC, Champs Sports, Insight, MPC Computers, Meineke, and Capital One.

I'm missing a few.. but the only bowl games that would fit the criteria would be the Emerald, Peach, Cotton, Sugar, Orange, and Rose... These would be the can-put-in-a-Bowl games.

It seems like a valid point to me.
I also think only things served in a bowl should be eaten while watching bowl games.... cereal, chili, soup, chips, pho.... but that's bordering on silly.

That said.. Happy New Year.

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biff said...

i knew you would write something about this somewhere, Bif.