December 8, 2005

Holidailies #1 (A Day Late)

So I signed up to do this holidailies thing ( and I should be posting something that is a diary/blog/funny/whatever every day until Christmas. Today's sponsor on Holidailies is Theynow - the They Might Be Giants Podcast... ironic. I was there yesterday. I just forgot to post a blog yesterday hence I'm a day late... and if I had money I'm sure a dollar short. Sorry..

Anyhow... here we go the first day for me is the second day for the Holidalies thing... established.

Who am I? I'm Sean Claes. I'm a husband, daddy, freelance entertainment writer, photographer, humor columnist, and editor of INsite magazine in Austin, Texas. That should cover it... I'm probably going to be all over the board with this I just kind of shoot off abot whatever interests me at a given moment.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday. I finally was able to give her a cool present I was waiting to give her for a long time. During my daughter's first year of life, I took a photo of her with a sign that said how many weeks old she the end of each week. I loaded all of those into a gallery and ordered a 16" x 20" poster that is "The First 52 Weeks." I framed it and had it sitting in her office when she walked in yesterday. She loved it.

Today I woke up to a frozen tundra. I thought I was going to break my truck door at 6:15a.m. when I got in to start getting to work by 7:00a.m. It took a good amount of time to get the truck warmed up and ice to start to melt. It occured to me that I didn't have an ice scraper. I'm in Central Texas... why would I need one of those? Well.. I'm here to tell you, a blank CD works wonders. It's got hundreds of uses...
I thought I'd come up with a little list I came up with while I was typing right now...The top 10 unconventional uses for a blank CD...You could use a CD from a band you hate.. but I won't go down that road.

Top 10 Unconventional Uses for a Blank CD
1. Coaster
2. Ice Scraper
3. As an SOS sun deflector device
4. wallpaper
5. alternative to rings at the ring toss
6. Mini-frisbee
7. To make cool Elton John-essque glasses
8. High-tech Christmas Ornaments
9. Plates for hors d overs at parties
10. To Level a table

There you have it.
Feel free to add more.
Talk to you tomorrow.

p.s. I got to work at 7:15 only to get a voice message that told me I didn't have to be there until 10. That's what I get for not checking my work voice-mail remotely.

p.s.s. (From Kinky Friedman's Web site) On Thursday, Dec. 8th, Kinky Friedman will officially begin his quest for the Governor’s mansion when he walks into the Secretary of State’s office and submits his Declaration of Intent form as an independent candidate for governor. If elected, Kinky will go down in history as the first Independent governor in Texas since Sam Houston held the office 146 years ago. We invite all supporters in the Austin area to spend their lunch break with Kinky and his campaign at a pre-filing rally on the steps of the Secretary of State’s office. It’ll be cold, it’ll be blustery, it’ll be a day for the history books. So come out at noon to 208 10th Street in downtown Austin. 


kristin said...

Hey! The weekly photo poster of your daughter is the COOLEST idea. It's really neat that you took that picture every week her first year. Very impressed. :) How was the quality of the poster? I've wanted to do something like w/ a bunch of Nooner or Bag100 pictures (shhhhhhh... don't tell - unless they read your blog... then nevermind). :)

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

The quality was great. I think as long as you upload high quality photos (high resolution) you'll be fine. If they are 4x6 at 72dpi, you'll get a blurred mass of funk... but I had mine at 4x6 at 300DPI so they were beautiful. The trick was to make all the photos fit well.. I had to add a few "blank" photos.. (black boxes) and I used one "photo" as the title. I'll have to take a picture of the pictures at some point.

I don't think they read this blog.. so you just may be safe.