December 25, 2005

Ho Ho Ho...

I drove around my neighborhood this evening looking at Christmas lights. Impressive. I kept thinking.. are these folks in it for the season... for the meaning... for the thrill of family... or for the need to outdo the neighbor?

You know.. the guy who buys a Land Rover when the neighbor obn the left comes home with a Rav 4... which is traded in on an H3 (and a second mortgage) when the neighbor on the right buys a Land Rover...

How much of life is spent trying to make the neighbors think you're perfect? I see a lot of that during this season. People putting their best foot forward and hiding the bitter truth...

I should blog about going to church last night and my 20 month old getting communion for the first time.. and opening presents this morning and the look of love my wife gives me and I return... but that is just one point of who I am.. I'm also the guy who got into an argument with his wife while looking at Christmas lights on Christmas night... don't even know what it was about.. I know I tried to direct her to park somewhere..I was misunderstood.. and next thing I know I was trying to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs at her... For a women who I love so passionately with all of my heart..we sure know how to push each other's buttons.

So I drove around and looked at lights by myself for an hour...listening to Christmas music... and taking photos of the cool houses.. their all just boxes and everyone decorates their boxes differently. Each has a story to tell and a fresh coat of paint and pretty lights are just outward appearances... who knows what's going on inside.

Well.. it is Christmas. Jesus was born today. Hooray.
I need to spend less time putting up lights and more time filling the house with love.
Merry Christmas.

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