December 14, 2005

Christmas CD... Disc 2 (The harder stuff)

I blogged about our family Christmas CD on Monday... but I also put together another CD for a Christmas CD swap I got into via one of the sites I sometimes visit, the "Knock It Down Music Community" -

I chose to put together a more hard rock/metal album for this one. Mind you.. I own all of the CDs of the people you see on both lists. I'm all over the board when it comes to music..there's not much I don't like (unless it starts with Celine or ends with Spears).

Anyhow... here's the list. It gets heavier as the disc goes on. As always... if you like what you read.. Google them and buy their stuff. It's seanclaesDOTcom approved.

1. 105 - Guy Forsyth
OK, this isn't heavy, but it's a fairly heavy subject. It's like "Crossroads 2005." Awesome song by one of the more underrated Austin singer/songwriters.

2. Down On Me- Jackyl
Yeah... a feel good 1990s rocker by the band that utilizes a chainsaw as an instrument.

3. Hold It Together - Nooner
Nooner is about to release a new album in February. Their debut album was chosen to be distributed nationally by Target as a special promotional thing and they sold like 30k of them. Awesome for a little 'ol Do-It-Yourself band out of Austin.

4. Whisky (Live Austin 1/04) - Scott H Biram
This was recorded live by a buddy of mine in 2004 when Biram opened for Hank Williams III. Great track.

5. I'm The Man (Uncensored) - Anthrax
Yeah... Anthrax just released their Anthology entitled No Hit Wonders. Rock on.

6. Do It For The Kids - Velvet Revolver
One of my favorite interviews I've ever done was when I had the dubious honor of talking with Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver. Amazing story he told... it's a wonder this band is still alive..and we're all happier for it. (Read the interview here)

7. Riot - Freebleeder
I got this little Freebleeder pin last year at SXSW and decided to put it on my trenchcoat. It happened to be really cold the day I went to see these guys live for the first I was wearing my jacket. The drummer and singer both bought me shots for wearing the pin... I was quite warm after that. And I realized the truth behind their mantra to "Keep Austin Drunk." They rock.

8. Black And Blue - Brand New Sin
Brand New Sin opened for Scum of the Earth a few months back. They were the stars of the night.... Old-school Metallica feel to them... Hope they make it. They deserve to be there.

9. Damaged Goods - Shrapnel
Another Austin band... I'd not heard of these folks when I saw them on stage at The Backroom in November. They were damn good and damn tight.

10. The Devil Made Me Do It - Scum Of The Earth
Riggs, the guitarist from Rob Zombie's band, is pretty much SOTE. I interviewed him in 2004 and saw him play in 2005. (Read the interview here)

11. Power Of Fear - Meyvn
Anthemic rock the style of Iron Maiden, Dio, and Dokken. Interesting stuff. Oh, and they're Austinites too.

12. The Answer - Gizmachi
Saw these guys on Ozzfest in 2005. Good music, but what amazed me most was the fact that the lead singer looks like what I would look like has I taken a different path and played metal instead of writing about it... at least I see it.

13. The New Black - Every Time I Die
I interviewed these guys at Ozzfest 2004. One of the funniest interviews I've ever conducted. Backstage at Ozzfest is an interesting place to be.

14. New Friend Request - Evergreen Terrace
I got this CD a few months ago. To me this is what KISS' Paul Stanley would have sounded like had he headed a hardcore band.

15. Blind Eye Halo - Soilwork
One of 2 Swedish metal bands on this CD. Soilwork played 2nd stage at Ozzfest. Melodic Death Metal. Good stuff.

16. Something Inside of Me - Wicked Wisdom
It is so few times that you encounter a female who sings for a hardcore metal band. Even fewer do it well. Wicked Wisdom does just that.. and it doesn't hurt that the lead singer is Jada Pinkett-Smith.

17. My Sweet Shadow - In Flames
The other Swedesh Metal Band on the disc. I'm finishing up an interview with them for a January 2006 article. They release a new album on February 7, 2006... and play in San Antonio on February 6.

18. The Way, The Truth The Life - Brotherhood
A San Antonio hardcore band that reminded me of some of the bands I used to catch in Laredo when I was in high school. They bring it to the stage too... Laredo was such a cool place for music...but it was all in people's backyards. San Antonio has trumped Laredo again... moving something into a money-making arena... (Other examples... Laredo has the Rio Grande/San Antonio has the Riverwalk, Laredo has an amazing amount of tejano and conjunto singers/San Antonio is known as the birthplace of Tejano)

19. She's Gonna Blow - Broken Teeth
The lead singer of Dangerous Toys (remember them back in the 80s and 90s?) fronts this AC/DCesque straight-up rock band. Awesome.

20 Snowblind - Diamond Darrell
"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott recorded a song as a tribute to Ace Ferehley. Not sure where I got this song or how, but Abbott has been gone for a year now and he is still missed every day. (For those not in the know, he was murdered onstage during a Damageplan concert on December 8, 2004.)

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