December 12, 2005

Christmas CD time....

For those who don't know, my wife and I have "released" a Christmas CD every year since 2000. It's a BoysenClaes Production. We make about 50 copies and give them to family and friends. I know about 3 people that actually appreciate it... I don't know if anyone else really cares. All I know is music is such a big part of our life that it just seems natural to do this every year. Many of these artists are out of Austin..some are national's a taste of one side of our musical tastes.

Anyhow.. this is our CD this year. The theme is "Songs of Home and Love"

If any of these artists intrigue you, Google them... buy a CD by them... go out and see them in concert... support good music.

Almost Home - The Greencards:
This is a nice instrumental ditty to get things going from the Overseas-to-Austin-to Nashville band who is featured in the December issue of INsite (See story here). The Greencards are who we saw on Father's Day 2004... my first father's day.

Too Big Love - Susan Gibson:
My wife and I have seen Susan Gibson a number of times. Wonderful song..wonderful singer/songwriter.

Makes Me Happy - Matt White Band:
The first time I heard this song I thought of my wife. The Matt White Band has a cool John Mayer sound to them. Highly recommend looking them up.

Stick Around - Reckless Kelly:
Kind of a dark and haunting sound. When I intervieewed Cody Braun he mentioned it was his favorite song on the album... mine too. (Read my interview here)

Beat Of Your Heart - Cory Morrow:
I really dig Cory Morrow's new album... Nothing Left To Hide. This song is an upbeat love song.... When I interviewed Morrow earlier this year, I asked him about this song.. he said "This one was about a girl I knew. It was my way of helping her get though some things she had been going through. Trying to help her realize that life is full of all kinds of heartaches. Some people can hide them really well, but you can't hide them from everybody. You just have to find the happiness and love wherever you can." (Read the whole interview here).

Let Me In To Your Heart - Mary Chapin Carpenter:
What can you say about Mary Chapin Carpenter? She is an amazing talent who deserves to be on everyone's CD player at least once a month.

Sweet Butterfly - Stanley Smith:
I was interviewing Seela for a story on Torch (song later on this list) and she asked it I wanted to go see this guy play a free Tuesday happy hour show at The Elephant Room in Austin. Sure... I walked into a fairly empty room save for this amazing man sitting there effortlessly belting out some of the most amazing music. Go see Stanley Smith every Tuesday for free... it'll change your attitude.

Better Together - Jack Johnson:
One of the few "national" acts that I really get into. Maybe because it's unconventional and he kind of just does his own thing. He also has a wonderful way with words...

Walk On - Ruthie Foster:
This is a live version released on her Stages last year. If you've never seen Foster in concert... or heard her on a recording... you've been depriving yourself.

Another Year's Gone By - Hootie & The Blowfish:
What? Hootie and The Blowfish? Why? Well.. let me tell you. Looking For Lucky was released this year and if you like Bluegrass and Gospel... this album will tip your scales... This ain't your 1990s Hootie (well.. it is.. but 15 years later and a lot of maturing happened). (Read my interview with Darius Rucker here)

Sanctuary - Eliza Gilkyson w/Will Taylor and Strings Attached:
Beautiful voice and beautiful music.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus- Amy Grant:
Every Christmas album should have some good christian music. Amy Grant is fantastic on this track.

Look At You Girl - Chris LeDoux:
LeDoux, who passed away in March 2005 due to complications from liver cancer, was a pro rodeo rider...and an amazing singer/songwriter who amassed 36 albums full of songs about "real cowboys" in his time. He could also write a compelling love song, as this song shows.

Sabor A Mi - Los Lobos:
Los Lobos is one of the best. "Sabor A Mi" shows a little of their traditional Spanish music ability (from their Just Another Band From East L.A. which should be required listening for everyone).

I Do The Same For You - Charlie Sexton:
Sexton just came back and released an album late this year. It's great slow, creeping, singer/songwriter stuff.

Backroads - Brandon Rhyder:
My wife says this song tells the gospel truth. We caught Brandon Rhyder playing a cool "song swap" thing with Susan Gibson and Walt Wilkins earlier this year in San Marcos. He was just as impressive as the other two.. and that says a lot.

Modelo - Mike Mcclure Band:
Mike McClure has a way of getting inside my head and writing love songs that are just the left of center... this is a love song that reminds me of growing up in Laredo... "At the end of the day it don't matter what you say, she'll be standing by my side."

Wild At Heart - Edwin McCain:
A song about someone who tries to do too much.. that's being pulled in more than one direction... hey.. It's working so far.

You Came A Long Way From St. Louis - Torch:
A fun jazzy song on here because it's a fun jazzy song. Again.. a song from an artist I interviewed in the last 12 months. Talk about shameless self-promotion - (The interview is here).

Lizards On The Tree -Full Service:
Full Service is an Austin-based band that I think released 3 CDs last year. I've heard 2.. and they were both fantastic. The 3rd was released a week or so ago.. I'm getting it sent to me. This song mentioned peanut butter and jelly... if that's not love I don't know what is.

Happy Birthday Marle - Red Stick Ramblers:
Old Settler's music Festival - April 22, 2005. My daughter turned 1 the day before. The Red Stick Ramblers were cool enough to sing her Happy Birthday from Stage. A kick-ass guy by the name of Wayne was recording the show and got me a copy. Wow. people rock.

Feliz Navidad - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers:

We just saw Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers last night at Gruene Hall (See photos here). They are amazing. I don't know where this version of Feliz Navidad came from... but I like it and it seems an apt way to end the CD.

If you read this far... hope you enjoyed. If I know you, you can get the musical version soon.


Mel said...

Man, you're costing me a fortune - I just downloaded songs by every one of these people. (But thanks for the finds!)

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

I'll send you a copy if you like... let me know...