December 21, 2005

Wednesday..takin' off

We're leaving the Bed and Breakfast... found out the owners (The Hughes') have a 13 year-old son... so he now has a Quartershackle and Meyvn shirt and an Austin Indie Alliance CD compilation... since he'll appreciate them all.. see.. even on vacation I like to spread the word of good Austin music.

As I type this.. I hear our Christmas CD playing in the background.. we gave the Hughes' a copy.. they are good people.. and their Bed and Breakfast is awesome... highly recommended.

Anyhow.. we're checking out in a few minutes.. so I'm going to take my new Hughes Inn Bed and Breakfast t-shirt and take my family's happy selves to Loundonville for Christmas in Ohio.. part II.

Don't think I'll have computer acccess there.. so... Until next time.
Ho Ho Ho..

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