December 4, 2005

December 2005 Issue of INsite Magazine Out

Repost of my "From the Editor" letter within the December 2005 Issue of INsite Magazine, which is now on stands..and online. Click logo to visit homepage.

As I look back on this year, I realize I’ve been incredibly lucky. Lucky to be the editor of an awesome entertainment magazine the likes of INsite, and lucky that I get to stand on the fringe of this city’s entertainment scene and talk with so many artists and musicians and Austin originals. I truly hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I love helping it get to you (with the help of the awesome Publisher, kick-ass Advertising folks and all of the amazing contributors you see in the staff box below).

Before I get any sappier, let’s talk about the December issue of INsite. We’ve brought you some sweet capitol city Entertainment this month.

In music, The Greencards come home for KGSR and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and PONG headlines the KOOP Birthday Party. In movies Allen Covert is Grandma’s Boy, Sienna Miller talks shop, and the Austin Movie Show helps you decide what to see. We also have a feature about local folks Tito’s Handmade Vodka and The Alamo Draft House. See what INsite saw last month in INsite Hindsite and find out why UT is awesome in out sports section.

This month’s INsite also features a Gift Guide of Austin Originals. We gathered some of the coolest gifts that were created by folks in town. All of the items are available online and most have places in town to stop in and buy. Be sure to take a look, you could even win a gift from us to you… because we love you.

Oh, and a quick apology to David “Metal Dave” Glessner and the fine folks in the Austin American-Statesman’s Marketing Department (where I worked for a stint in 1999… Hi Walter) for not asking permission to use the phrase “Rocks Like Slayer” without his written permission in last month’s “From The Editor.” I did, however, have Tom Araya’s verbal permission to use it.

So, Happy Holidays each in your own way.

Sean Claes
Editor, INsite

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