January 2, 2006

You shouldn’t be using advanced technology if...

I had a minute to think, so I came up with a short list… feel free to add on to it as I’m sure I missed something.

You shouldn’t be using advanced technology if:
- you gesture with your hands while talking on your cell phone. They can’t see you and you scare kids flailing about…
- You use a walkie-talkie phone in restaurants or in line at the supermarket. People don’t care what you’re talking about and having both sides of the conversation doesn’t help. (I actually hate that little brrring of the Nextel phones… and really don’t like the idiot attached to the end of the phone).
- You’ve been told by your IT department that you have to “plug it in” in order to turn on the computer… more than one time (you get a one DUH freebie on this).
- You forward e-mails that tell you that you need to send an e-mail to 10 people or something bad will happen to you… or that you’ll get a coupon for free food by forwarding something… or if you’ve added your name ta petition and then forwarded it off… (if it doesn’t reside online, there is no way the petition can be followed.)
- You hold the phone in front of you to talk and then put it to your ear to listen. People can hear you just fine if you hold it like a phone.
- You have a ringtone that contains vulgar language.
- You take your phone to work with you.
- You take your phone to work with you and you take your phone into meetings.
- You take your phone to work with you, take your phone into meetings, and answer it when it rings.
- You take photos of things like pencils and crackers at restaurants and exclaim loudly “ooh, look at that!” every time.
- You installed a TV in the front seat of your vehicle. Idiot… drive.
- You don’t know how to check your voice mail.
- You’ve called someone (not work related...) moments after e-mailing them to ask if they got it.
- Your work IT department has told you that your problem is OE and they’ll be there in a minute… (that means it’s operator error).
- Your company gives you a rotary phone for Christmas.

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