December 26, 2005


Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house
We searched for bargains... we searched with our spouse...
The shelves of WalMart and Target were bare
Because the hardcore shoppers had already been there.

So we picked up some stuff for next year's Christmas... garland with lights in it to line the fence... 125' should do it... I hope. A stocking for the little girl. Wrapping paper... stuff like that... the things that are magically only worth half of what they were worth 48 hours ago.

I always think about celebrating Christmas in January since everything will be chraper.. but then I'd appear cheap.. which I am.. but not that cheap.

Ate at CiCi's since I had the hankerin' for peperoni/jalapeƱo and my wife wanted BBQ... and I found out there's a roving gang of tagging cows... When I went to the bathroom, I noticed something scrawled on the wall.. upon further review, I'm pretty sure it was "512 Moooooo." Damn bad cows.

I'm on deadline for INsite Magazine.. I've got a few stories yet to edit, but after-Christmas shopping has rendered my mind semi-useless.

We've almost gotten everything washed from our trip to Ohio.. and hopefully soon the box with our presents will show up. (Instead of contending with 4 suitcases + carry-on luggage + daughter + box of Christmas Gifts from Ohio we decided to send it via mail to us... the best $41 you can spend if you ask me.. and I know you would.

Well, I've got to write one more CD review before I go to bed... and it's a CD I've listened to for a few months so it should be easy. The South Austin Jug Band's Dark and Weary World.

Happy Monday. I go back to work tomorrow..hopefully I'll find out I don't have to look for work on Friday.

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