December 20, 2005

Tuesday Wrap-up

Today was a good day... We had breakfast.. got dressed up to take a family photo (me, my wife, daughter.. my mom and dad, sister, her husband and their daughter and my grandmother... nine folks in jeans and long-sleeve white shirts posing for the camera... and the photographer got it done..and done well and quickly (mor about him at the end...).

We went to a place for lunch and I had a fried bologna sandwich.. we're talking a slab of bologna that was like a half-inch thick. It sounds disgusting but DAMN... tasted good.

I got to hang with my 6-month-old neice a little more... what a cute amazing baby. My 20-month-old got a bit jealous when my wife was holding her... it was annoyingly great.

Got to hang out with my grandma for a little while. She's in assisted living and she's advancing with an Alzheimers-like she has trouble remembering things that happened yesterday... but she can tell you exactly what happened to her 20 years ago. I love talking to her about the "old days" and joking with her. I've been told not to joke with her... but she knows I'm joking and we have loads of fun.. when I opened up a box of cookies from Wal-Mart and told her she better eat one since I spent all morning baking them... and I'd have made a cake too if I didn't have to fly the plane to get here... Me and Grandma understand each other. I know she's going to have to ask me the same question 5 times.. and I'm going to act like it's the first time I heard it each time.. because it is no fault of hers tha she doesn't remember. I also know that if I make something funny.. or answer something in a way that she wasn't expecting.. it may stick.

In other news I've done most of the editing for the January issue of INsite... we've got some awesome stories for January... inluding a great feature on the TXRD Lone Star Rollergirls... which you'll see on A&E and the covver of Rolling Stone (and INsite) soon... Pretty pumped about that!

OK.. as with last night.. my daughter is sleeping and I better close out...

So...If you're ever in Van Wert Ohio, and need a photo taken... visit this place first - Memory Lane Studio. The photographer, Gary Lane (hence the name) is an extremely nice person, takes fantastic shots, and gets it all done quickly and for a fair price. His stuff is digital.. so we took the shots...went and had lunch and went back and saw the "proofs" within an hour. Fantastic. We also talked I think I know the next one I'm getting... yeah.

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