December 9, 2005

I was on TV..I hear/Cappuccino/Bobcats

As per yesterday's p.s. Kinky Friedman went and turned in his Declaration of Intent form at the Secretary of State's office, and I was there. I work a few blocks from 10th and Brazos so it was just a 5 minute walk during lunch. Being the amazing journalist I am... I snapped a few shots (click on photo at the end of this paragraph to go to my Photo page). Then being the fan I am I had to get a photo with him. I didn't realize that cameras were still rolling... I hear I ended up posing with "The Kinkster" on the news last night. Not sure which channel.. I was having dinner with a friend during the 6:00p.m. hour and falling asleep by 10:00p.m. so I missed watching. I guess that's about 30 seconds less of my 15 minutes of fame Warhol claims we all have.

Kinky Friedman
EDIT: I'm on News 8 every 1/2 hour or something I hear)

Anywhoo.. let's find a topic to cover...
I'm addicted to gas station cappicuiccino. I told myself I'd never eat or drink anything I couldn't say or spell.. but here we are.. cappicuicinno..capicucino.. hell.. let's face it, gas station cappuccino is just glorified hot chocolate with coffee flavoring that only costs a buck for 20 ounces so it relly isn't the real deal.

I've tried the real thing. I paid about $3.75 for a 12ounce Starattle's Bestbuck cappicuccino once. I couldn't believe how horrible it was. Now I've tried the latte..and that's much better.. but still $2.75 more than a gas station variety.

I'm not bashing the "corporate coffee" I've tried local coffeeshops as well. I've realized my palate isn't sophisticated enough to enjoy fancy coffee... just like I prefer a fried to sushi, beer to mixed, and bread to biscotti. Nothing against all of these things, but I'm just not into them. I won't pretend to like them and I'm not afraid to be the only one in a crowd of mojitos drinking a Coors Light.

Anyhow.. I drink gas station cappuccino about 3 times a week. I like it. I guess that was the point of that last little rant. Happy Friday everyone.

p.s. See my Alma Mater on ESPN2 tonight!
If you're not actually going to the game (in San Marcos at Bobcat Stadium) you can at least watch as the Texas State University - San Marcos Bobcats play Northern Iowa in the NCAA Division I-AA semifinals at 7:00p.m. (central)

I'm still not OK with the name change for the record (The Southwest Texas State University Bobcats have a much better ring to it) but I've got to give respect to the coaching staff that turned the Bobcats into a force to be rekoned with in football this year.

I'll be watching from the warmth of my own home (Apparently I'm a fair weather fan and it's not fair weather).
If you're in San Marcos and don't have a ticket to the show, there's a viewing party at Lucy's on the Square's Barfish Lounge.

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