September 13, 2014

52 Weeks of Austin Music Interviews

 Another of Sean Claes' 52 Weeks Projects
52 Weeks of Austin Music Interviews
I'm Sean Claes. I like turtles... and my marshmallows on fire... and Austin music.

Week 1: Scott H. Biram (1/10/12) 
Week 2: Heather Bishop (1/17/12)
Week 3: Ransom Jack (1/24/12)
Week 4: HONEYCREEPER (1/31/12)
Week 5: Alpha Rev (2/7/12)
Week 6: TRES (2/14/12)
Week 7: Jeremy Steding (2/21/12)
Week 8: DSGNS (2/28/12)
Week 9: Art Versus Industry (3/6/12)
Week 10: Butcherwhite (3/21/12)
Week 11: Will Porter (3/28/12)
Week 12: The South Austin Moonlighters (4/3/12)
Week 13: Granger Smith (4/11/12)
Week 14: Oh Look Out (4/29/12)
Week 15: Dave Madden (5/7/12)
Week 16: Snake Skin Prison (5/9/12)
Week 17: Midgetmen (5/11/12)
Week 18: Righteous Brisket (5/16/12)
Week 19: Emily Wolfe (7/21/12)
Week 20: Mark Allan Atwood (7/31/12)
Week 21: Moonlight Social (8/8/12)
Week 22: Sheer Khan and the Space Case (9/26/12)
(long pause... life happens)
Week 23: Deserts of Mars (3/5/13)
Week 24: Say Hello To The Angels (3/15/13)
Week 24Zane Williams (11/13/13)
(long pause... life still happens)

January 2012: I'm embarking on a new challenge in 2012. I'm attempting to feature 52 Austin bands in 52 Weeks. Let's see how long it takes...

September 2014: Well... the 52 weeks will take more than 3 years as we're in September 2014 now and about to publish Week 25. Sorry.. but I swear I'll get this done at some point. I've been spending time at my full-time job as well as getting a new concert series off the ground in my hometown of Kyle, Texas Concerts for a Cause can be found at Bear with me... I committed to 52 interviews and I'll deliver. 

Are you a musician or member of an Austin, Texas Band?

Want to be interviewed?
What I Need:
1. You to reach out to me at with a Subject Line that reads "52 Weeks Interview." We'll touch base with each other and schedule a date for publishing. 

What I'd LIKE to have happen is, the interview is published within a week of you playing a show. That was it's some promo for you. If you'd like to shoot me your poster for the show, I will try and promote it as well.

Timeline: On or before Monday of the week before your interview will publish, I will shoot you an e-mail with 10-15 questions, and I ask that you return it asap, or at least a few days. I publish every Tuesday by end of day. Example? Let's say I'm publishing an interview with Art vs. Industry on March 6, 2012. I'd have the questions to them by February 27.
You may be wondering why I'm doing this. Well, I'm a big fan of Austin music. I have been an entertainment writer for about 15 years and a magazine owner for about 5. It's never been about the money (although I wish it was a $100k a year job), but about advancing the music. In 2009-10 I did 52 Weeks of Austin CD Reviews. In 2010-11 I completed 52 Weeks of DIY Music Advice (Both of which are fully archived via those links).

The interviews will be published on INsite's Webpage .

Sean Claes is the owner of Austin's INsite Magazine and has been a freelance entertainment writer since 1996. If you like what you read... please share. To visit Claes' homepage, go here -

June 3, 2014

Sunset Electronics - My horrible experience dealing with a business that sells via Amazon

Sunset Electronics - My story of a Cracked Lens and Cracked Customer Service


By Sean Claes
I’ve been a FujiFilm camera owner and advocate since 2003 when I bought a Fujifilm Finepix 3800. Sine then, I bought the more professional FujiFilm FinePix S9000 (I liked it so much I bought it twice) then the FujiFilm FinePix HS20exr.

My collection of FujiFilm Cameras

For my 41st birthday, my wife bought me a Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR Digital Camera SSE Bundle Kit from The SSE Bundle Kit included a bunch of lenses and carrying case and stuff that I might use… and it was put together by Sunset Electronics (SSE on Amazon).

Sunset had a good rating on Amazon and seemed reputable. They have a really nice “about” section on Amazon that states:

Sunset Electronics prides itself on offering excellent customer service to all of its customers.  Everyone in our entire on-site staff had been trained rigorously in the art of, The Customer is Always Right, and we all have the clear understanding that whether it be a $100 order, or a $10,000 order, each order is of equal value to us, no matter the bottom line.

Our first class customer service is ready to solve your problems

Where it went bad:
So, my birthday was in early February. The camera came in around the 10th. When I opened the box, I set out to take photos. Like I said earlier, I've owned five FujiFilm cameras in my lifetime so I'm very happy with the brand.

I took a few photos of little events in town, but I used my older camera (the HS20) to do my non-essential shooting since I wanted to protect the HS50 for my freelance photography gigs. I had no issues with the quality, I really, really like the brand and how easy it is to get great shots and be professional without spending a mint on gear (the lens and body are one piece).

So, I didn’t notice anything wrong with the camera since it sat in a camera bag for a bit. In early May I finally had a big photo gig.
After taking photos of a family, I noticed in the editing process that there was a sunspot in the middle of some photos.

I took a closer look at the camera and there's a tiny crack in the middle of the lens. So small I didn't notice right away. So small the imperfection only shows up at a certain angle when shooting into the sun. I’d not shot with that angle, so I’d not noticed the issue.

Besides, When you open a factory sealed camera... you don't really expect to see a cracked lens... right?

So, although my wife bought this at the end of January and here it was May, I thought I'd contact Sunset Electronics because I was sure they'd do the right thing and replace the camera. My wife contacted them through her Amazon account since she was the one who ordered it.

So… here is the e-mail exchange…

Message 1:
May 5, 2014:
I received this product in January to give away as a gift to my husband for his birthday.

He just used it yesterday to shoot photos of a family (he is a freelance photographer) and noticed that, at a certain angle, the photos were not taking well. Seemed like a blurry spot or a sun reflection. When he looked at the lens, there's a fine crack in the center of the lens. He has never dropped the camera and when not in use it's placed in the bag, so this lens had to have been cracked before he used it.

Other than the cracked lens, he is VERY happy with the camera and the kit.

I would like to return this camera to receive a new one without a cracked lens. Please advise.
Thank you.


So just to be clear the lens is the issue not the actual camera correct?

Sounded like something was going to be done. Yeah Steve!

My Reply (I took over since I could explain a little more):
Answering your question... (Not sure how this is all working through Amazon...)
It is the lens that is attached to the camera...  it's an all in one body. All of the extras that came with the camera are fine.

This is Sean Claes (______ husband who discovered the crack after a photo shoot)

I've uploaded 3 photos to let you see exactly what the issue is. The actual lens that is built in as part of the HS50 is cracked.

A clip of the photo where I noticed the "sunspot"

Me pointing to the camera
The crack is in the middle

 I noticed it when shooting from a certain angle during a professional shoot this past Sunday. You can see the blur in the image (LensIssueExample (NOTE FOR BLOG… I SENT THEM A FULL PHOTO, BUT I DON’T WANT TO PUBLISH THE FAMILY IMAGE ON A BLOG), I also included an iphone photo of both the closeup of the lens (it's hard to get a good lens crack photo... it's small which is why I'd not noticed it earlier). I had, however noticed "sun spots" at certain angles when I took other photos... only now realizing that those were the crack and not a neat nature effect.

It is my hope that I can receive a replacement camera and a way to ship this camera back to you.
I do have another professional shoot in about 2 weeks and I'd love to have a non-cracked lens to shoot with.

At this point, I'm having to pull out my old camera for that shoot... which I'm not thrilled with the quality.

Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately our return policy is only good for 30 days after you receive the camera. I don't mean to sound rude, but whats to prevent a customer (not you) from dropping their camera and then trying to return it well after the 30 days? I do feel bad but my hands are tied. it puts me in a very tough position. You should try contacting FujiFilm and see what your options are. If you would have told me this a week after you received it, I would be more than glad to sends a replacement. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help you. 
Customer Service

So….They first said it was out of the allotted time for returning. Then they accused me of trying to rip them off... insinuating that I must have damaged the camera and now I want them to pay for it. Then they said FujiFilm had to take care of it... and I didn’t even shoot with it until a few weeks after I received it… and the blemish didn’t show up in photos until much later… anyhow…

Now I’ve got to reply and prove I’m not a rip-off artist. Awesome.

My reply:
"I don't mean to sound rude, but whats to prevent a customer (not you) from dropping their camera and then trying to return it well after the 30 days?"
Because I am a fair person and I'm looking for a replacement camera for a camera that was never dropped and never damaged once it got to me... and since I didn't think about checking the center of the lens on the camera (because I assumed I was getting a brand new camera) I'm now stuck having gotten a $400 gift from my wife for my birthday that I can't use.
Steve, I'm not the guy that's trying to take you for your money or slip one by you. I'm a person who tries to make a little extra money on the side doing freelance photography... I am the communications chair of my church... I put on charity concerts... I'm not trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
I'm perfectly certain that you were not aware the camera was damaged when I received it.... the box was sealed... but I assure you... the crack was not caused by me and was there when I first began using the camera (recalling what I thought was odd "sun spots" that I attributed to the angle... it was the crack)
If you choose to help me out with this issue (I know it's a choice and I'd appreciate it if you would say yes... (and I know as soon as you see the crack you will know it couldn't have been caused by me... and you'll also see how easily it could have been missed).. I'm sure your contact with Fuji whom you order the cameras will be happy to replace the damaged piece.  
If you are not interested in helping, perhaps you could give me a good contact at FujiFilm who might be able to assist me.
I know you hold the cards.. you can make the choice.. and you have the ability to help me if you choose to do so. I hope you will.

The reply:

Ok I read your message and showed my manager. He wants to know if the scratch is on the outside of the lens or inside the lens?

And me…

It is directly in the center of the lens. After running my finger over it... seems that it's a crack on the surface.
Still.. it's never been dropped or manhandled... so it must have been there from the beginning. I've owned 5 Fujifilm cameras over the last decade and have never had any issue with them.
Just making sure.. you did get the images I attached with the previous e-mail, correct? 
Hope you can help.
If you'd like to take this off the Amazon page, please feel free to e-mail me at [e-mail address removed] or call me at [phone number removed].
I'd love to get this solved before my next shoot. I've got some graduation photos scheduled in late May.

I will discuss this with my manager. And yes I did receive the photos and showed him. 

That was 5/7.
I heard nothing for a few weeks… and assumed things were being taken care of…. So on 5/27 I sent a message.

My message:
I've not heard back from you on this. Really, I'd love some closure to the matter.
Last I heard from you was almost 3 weeks ago.
I was reminded about the crack yesterday while shooting the Memorial Day Service in town.
My favorite shot of the morning was ruined (for me) by the lens crack.
Please let me know if you are willing/able to do replace this camera.
I hope you do.

You are covered through the fujifilm warranty. Please contact them and they will be able to help you as this is 2 months past the 30 day returns period.
Thank you,

OK.. looks like Adam has taken over for Steve. And he just kind of replied to one message…. So I thought I’d give him the benefit and recap for him and allow him to read the background.

I've been going back and forth with "Steve" for the last month.
I don't know if you know or are privy to the larger story.
Was hoping to get this taken care of with the store I bought it... not the manufacturer. If I do need to go through the manufacturer, please supply me with the contact information.
I will use this e-mail exchange to drive my case home, as it's been ongoing.
Thank you.
- Sean Claes
(______ husband / she gave me this camera for my birthday this year)


Toll free: 888-424-FUJI (3854)

So.. I called that number.. and it seems to be for the FUJIFILM North American Corporation Motion Picture Group… not the people I needed to talk to at all.

BUT… with the power of Google I did call the correct number for FujiFilm and I got some young man who pretty much told me that they’d fix it but it’d cost me. It’s not their problem. They don’t have any warranty on lenses. The person I bought it from needs to take care of it… and when I was asked if there was anything else he could help me with, I said something like “You haven’t helped me with a single thing so far… and I started to ask to talk to the manager.. he hung up on me.

So… I got a little angry… and fired this one off back at Sunset Electronics.

This has gotten fairly ridiculous.
This is Sean Claes... the recipient of the camera as a present. I'm writing from my wife's account (who bought it for me).
Fact - The camera was received with a crack in the middle of the lens.
I've sent photos. you have seen them.
I have never dropped the camera... and the crack is so small that I didn't notice it existed until I was shooting a family (I'm a freelance photographer) and the images came back ruined because of the way the sun reflected off the break. It only happens in certain angles when it hits the sun right.
I talked to Steve... it's been 3-4 weeks now.
I replied asking for an update. Adam replied with a generic "can't help you"
Then he replied with a "you need to call Fuji"
I called Fuji. They are going to charge me to fix it and said you should have taken care of it when I explained the situation. 
I'm losing my patience.
I've been accused of trying to rip you off.
I've been accused of breaking the camera myself.
I've been brushed off to the larger company... who volleyed the ball back to you.
I'm a very patient person... but this needs to be solved.
I need to send the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR Digital Camera back to you.
You can take care of it from there... and deal with FujiFilm because a sealed box was OBVIOUSLY their issue to begin with...
I know you can send it back as damaged... and not have an issue.
You have every ability to send me a new undamaged camera.
If you have any issue with this....I need to talk to an actual manager.
- Sean Claes
512-787-0308 (cell)
Make this right. I've got my wife who feels horrible that she gave me a $400 camera for my birthday that was damaged from the factory that I can't use.. and am getting the runaround.

They responded with a:
You only contacted us, May 5th (4 months later). I apologize we cannot take back the product.
Thank you,

If you want to be technical.. it’s been 3 months… Received in February… then March (month 1) April (month 2) and May (month 3). But that’s not what this is about.

It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about a customer that is not trying to be a jerk.. and just wants the product his wife paid for and gave him as a present.

I sent this one from my personal Amazon account… this morning (June 3, 2014).

You have sent me a faulty product. When I noticed it, I contacted you.
Order # [number removed]
I have explained myself well, and you have understood that I'm not trying to pull a fast one over on you.
I intend to make sure as many people as possible know what you have decided to do in light of me being upfront, honest and just wanting to get a product my wife paid for and gave me as a gift that works.
You have sent me a $459.99 useless product.
Make it right.
Here's my first review.
I promise to be fair and only include the actual conversations we've had....and my understanding of what "Customer Service" actually means to you. The last reply you have me didn't even have a name for clarity. 
Make it right, please.
- Sean Claes
[phone number removed]
Please reply to [e-mail address removed] as I don't check [e-mail address removed] any longer.

Then I started writing this blog.

This whole thing could have been avoided by me if I’d just taken a good look at the product when it arrived. That was my bad. I assumed that a brand new product that was factory sealed and took good photos was not damaged. It was only when the camera caught that odd angle that I noticed. I understand that.

The fact remains.
  • Sunset Electronics sent me a faulty product.
  • I contacted them as soon as I noticed.
  • They had the opportunity (and duty if their “About” section I quoted from their Amazon page) to make this right.

After doing some research…
  • Sunset Electronics is NOT BBB Accredited (but they have had 6 complaints filed against them and they have failed to respond to 4.  - Link to BBB Page
  • Sunset Electronics has a Facebook page (Since 1/31/13) that has only 5 likes (one of them me to bookmark for this blog… there will be 4 soon) and seems to never have been used – Link to Facebook
  • Apparently in March 2014, Some guy by the name of Jeff Snyder was fairly upset with dealing with Sunset Electronics. He posted a YouTube video about it.
  • Sunset Electronics has a Webpage that I get “access denied” when I try to click the link.
  • Sunset Electronics (as of June 3) had a “4.7 star” rating on BUT at Yelp, they have two 1 star reviews.. and that’s it – Link to Yelp
  • Sunset Electronics has made people unhappy enough to publish complaints on a site called “The Ripoff Report.” – Link to Sunset Electronics Ripoff Report Page

They still have the chance to make this right.

9/15/14 UPDATE

Sunset Electronics has never, not once, in no way tried to contact me and make this right. I stand by everything I said about them.

In June 2014 I posted a Review - here.
Within hours, FijiFilm contacted me and offered to make it right.
They mentioned that Sunset Electronics was not an official reseller as well. That might mean is someone tries to register for warranty work with the maker of the camera, it might me considered a "Grey Market" camera and will be denied.

Anyhow...I worked with FujiFilm and they, for the price of shipping and handling to their North America repair facility (Digital Camera Service & Support), fixed the camera...and offered to take a look at 2 of my other cameras to see if they could be fixed as well (the S9000s I have... unfortunately they weren't fixable).

BIG Thanks to Dan Scarola, National Manager w/ Fujifilm North America Inc. for taking such good care of this situation.

Unless Sunset Electronics steps up and acknowledges me, this will be the final update.

February 5, 2014

Why these 5 Super Bowl Commercials ROCKED or FAILED (2014)

I decided to poll an audience of one (myself) to see which Super Bowl Ads were winners and which ones were well done, but missed the mark on marketing.

Here's my list:

1. Radio Shack - The 80s Called

This is the best example of jumping on your own grenade. It's been pretty obvious that the court of popular opinion has been wondering how Radio Shack stays in business with the perception that all of their stuff is antiquated. I mean, unless you're building a transistor or need speaker wire, why would you even go inside?

Now the reality is, Radio Shack wasn't really stuck in the 80s, but people had that perception.

Well.. this commercial has made people think twice about that perception by the store itself saying.. "yeah... we had a bunch of old crap.. but now we're all new and updated."

I know I've thought about walking in there to see what the "new" Radio Shack is like. Plus the commecial is fantastic w/ all of the old-school 1980s guest spots... Mary Lou Retton, The California Raisins, Devo, Erik Estrada, Kid n' Play... wow. They rocked that one out. Funny AND effective.

2. Coca Cola - America The Beautiful

This hit a home run. First... it evoked emotion. It caused response. I don't think Coke predicted this kind of response. I know I didn't think that people all over the country would take this beautiful piece of art and slam it for the song being in different languages. America is a melting pot. That's the point. It's a beautiful song. Coke won for being inclusive and the nay-sayers have been called out post haste.

Now, will it cause ME to drink Coke? No. I tried it before and i don't really like the taste.

That brings me to the second big win.. and what I think Coke had in mind when they put this spot together. This ad is about diversity, america, people from all cultures and countries who now make the USA their home. People who might not have had the opportunity to try a Coke in America before. Marketing-wise, they were going after the demographic that was less likely to have had experience trying their product... and by providing a commercial like this... they talk directly to them.. in the universal language of acceptance.

3. Budweiser - A Hero's Welcome

Budweiser did a good job of taking the funny/stupid out of their campaign and also drove home their "Support our Troops" mantra with this mini-documentary of a soldier's homecoming. Every soldier deserves a hero's welcome. If that doesn't make you want to give a Clydesdale a thumbs up.. I don't know what will. This is a brand strengthener ad. Just in case you jumped off the bandwagon to try a craft beer, 'cause that's the thing nowadays, you've not got a reason to grab a Bud. 'Merica!

  4. Hyundai Genesis - Dad's Sixth Sense
As a dad... I'm moved by this one. It does, with humor, tackle every parent's thoughts when they allow their kid to do something like operate a car. I will likely never be able to afford this car... much less afford one for one/both of my daughters... but I hadn't taken a second look at a Hyundai for about... well... ever.

I'm not sure if this is an effective ad, though. It makes a good case for people to consider a Hyundai.
I'd be interested in seeing if they have a raise in sales. Time will tell on this one.

5. Cheerios - Gracie
OK, this one is just cute. It doesn't mention Cheerios, they just use the cereal to break the news to little Gracie that she's soon going to be a big sister. Almost like a product placement. I don't know if this one will be a winner in the "selling Cheerios" realm... because there wasn't really anything that made anyone think: "Hey.. I want to go get a bowl for myself." So, win for cuteness and loss for marketing. It was a multi-million dollar "awwww shucks" ad.

BONUS: Turbo Tax - Love Hurts

This isn't a great commercial and, honestly, I didn't remember who it was for until I looked it up. But my name is Sean... and I'm here to steal your holiday... :)

January 6, 2014

You have the right to remain... Out of Prison (Infographic)

This made me laugh:

Seriously though....Saw this neat little info-graphic online (here) so I thought I'd share.
Of course... this works best when you're not actually guilty of anything...

Happy New Year.
Resolution? Stay out of jail in 2014.

Know Your Rights

December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Claes Family

Merry Christmas 2013 from the Claes4.

Below you will find some photos from our Christmas Adventure this season... in Kyle & Buda, Texas.
We saw a lot of Santas.. :)

Also here's the track listing of our 2013 Claes4 Christmas CD.
Each year we choose 15-20 of our favorite tunes from the past year... burn them onto a CD and hand them out to friends and family in hopes of helping them discover some of the great music this area (and the world) has. For the first time... we've gone digital. So, if you'd like these tunes... click here - link. It will take you to the Dropbox where these tracks reside. 
Just do me a favor. If you like these artists... seek them out. Find them in 2014 and attend a show, buy a CD and shake their hand. The links go to their Facebook page.

The 2013 Claes4 Christmas Album

1. Starts With Me - Tim Timmons
2. Hold Us Together - Matt Maher
3. Together - Steven Curtis Chapman
4. Richest Poor People - Brandon Rhyder
5. A Life That’s Good - Nashville Cast
6. I Need To Love You - George Ducas
7. We Made The Spirits Move - Tina Wilkins
8. Rain All Night - Walt Wilkins
9. Overnight Success - Zane William...s
10. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Slaid Cleaves
11. Soul - Jack Burton
12. Down to the Station - OMAR and the Howlers FB
13. Can You Handle It - ROXY ROCA
14. Ba Da Ba - Full Service
15. O Holy Night - Rick Springfield
16. Mi Gloria - Julian L. Fernandez
17. In Control Of Just One Soul - Omarr Awake
18. Same Love (w/Mary Lambert) - Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

Download here ---> Merry Christmas

At Tree Lighting in Kyle.

At Buda Trail of Lights

At Kyle Performing Arts Center "Night Before Christmas"

With my personal Santa... Realtor Bruce King (Keller Williams Realty)

Family Photo @ Night Before Christmas

Kyle, Texas Tree

The Claes4 Christmas Tree. Flying Pig FTW

December 20, 2013

Seven Funnies To Come Out of the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty Fiasco on Twitter





November 25, 2013

Simply Charming Mo's - 2nd Annual Party Results/photos

The Simply Charming Mo's of Kyle Texas want to thank you for making the 2nd Annual Simply Charming Movember Fundraiser  at Milt's Pit BBQ in Kyle, Texas such a fun success. We raised a lot of awareness and $756.41 in cash (via donations and silent auction) for the cause.

Here are some photos from the night. You can see more here - link
If you'd like to donate to the team, there's still time.


2nd year MoBros Greg Walters & Sean Claes
The 2013 Simply Charming Mo's: (L-R) Paul Mojica, Jenni Johnson, Brad Johnson, Sean Claes, Marty Foye,
Meesh Seigwalt, Jeff Davis, Jodie Claes, Juan Guerra, and Greg Walters

Piqued Jacks

Mo Supporters!

Miss and Mr. Movember Kyle - Jodie Claes & Paul Mojica

Lucas Cook Trio

Our Silent Auction

November 18, 2013

2nd Annual Simply Charming Mo Show - 11/23 - Milt's Pit BBQ

My Movember group, The Simply Charming Mo's of Kyle, Texas are having a benefit concert / Manly Silent Auction this Saturday (11/23) at Milt's Pit BBQ in Kyle, Texas.
See you there?

Info on show:
Movember Benefit / Silent Auction - 2nd Annual Simply Charming Mo Show
Saturday, Movember 23, 2013
208 W Center Street
Kyle, Texas 78640

7:00 - 8:30 - Piqued Jacks - Rock/Funk from ITALY
9:00 - 11:00p - Lucas Cook - Funktry from Austin

Can't make it but want to donate? You can donate online at HTTP://MOTEAM.CO/THE-SIMPLY-CHARMING-MO-S

Men's health issues thank you. 

June 26, 2013

Open Letter to Senator Wendy Davis

(I sent this directly to her via I thought I'd post here as well.)

An Open Letter To Senator Wendy Davis

Image from

Dear Senator Davis,

I realize you will have a few thousand (conservatively) e-mails today so I won't expect to hear back from you... but I really wanted to thank you for standing, literally, for the right of all who were silenced on the subject of SB5.

I don't really pay close attention to politics. In fact, I didn't know who you were when I woke up yesterday...but the world knows now.

I am a husband and a father of two daughters.

In school my kids have learned a lot about bullying.. They have learned a lot about standing up for thier own rights.. They have learned a lot about standing for the silent.

They have done their best to be advocates for the things they believe in and stand up for those who are unable or unwilling to do so for themselves. They are 9 and 6... and know more about being strong than I did at 30.

Learning about something and having a real life example are two drastically different things. You are a real-life example of a hero who championed a cause for the people who were shut out of the system and silenced.

People can post a Facebook photo... update a status... write a blog... and make comments all day long, but at the end of the day, YOU were the person standing up there and YOU are the reason this bill was stopped. I know you realize you were being held up (figuratively) by thousands and you did an amazing job. Thank you.

I don't live in your district, but I hope someday I'll be able to vote for you in a Texas election.

Thank you for your service to our state and country.

January 25, 2013

Birthday Benefit Bash - Turning 40 w/ a Cause!


Audiolight, Mike Truth and the Replacement Killers and Jenny Hollub Sandoval to play Benefit show 2/9/13 at Milt’s Pit BBQ in Kyle, Texas

I'm turning 40. So, what does the owner of an entertainment magazine do to celebrate such a milestone? Throw a free show, of course. Not just a free show, but a show to benefit a worthy cause – the Jeff Henderson Scholarship for Journalism Excellence.

On February 9, 2013 from 6p-11p the world is invited to Milt’s Pit BBQ in Kyle, Texas for an evening of fantastic BBQ, phenomenal music and just plain celebration.

Here's a link to the Facebook Invite - Link

Hear me talk about myself, INsite, life in general and this party on Kyle Life’s Podcast - Link
6:30-8:00: Jenny Hollub Sandoval
 (Kyle, TX)

8:30-9:45: Mike Truth and the Replacement Killers (Austin, TX)
Hip-Hop/Jazz/R&B/Rock all wrapped into one

10:00-11:00: Audiolight (Austin, TX)


What: Sean Claes’ 40th Birthday Party Where: Milt's Pit BBQ (208 W Center, Kyle, Texas)
When: Saturday, February 9, 2013 6p-11p
 Cost: Nothing. Please donate to the scholarship and tip the band.

Notes on Milt’s Pit BBQ:
1. Milt’s is a cash-only establishment
2. Milt’s is located 208 W Center Street in Kyle, Texas (directions)
3. The stage at Milt’s is outside, with dining inside.
4. Beer and wine are available for purchase, otherwise BYOB
5. Free parking on the square in Kyle.

The Tie-in - Sean Claes and Jeff Henderson (written in 3rd person):

Jeff Henderson

Sean Claes is a 1999 graduate of Southwest Texas State University where he spent 4 years working with and for Jeff Henderson. Claes credits Henderson for a large part of the shaping of his journalistic career and counts "El Jefe" as a good friend.

Professionally, Claes has done a few things with his journalism degree. he's the owner of Austin's INsite Magazine, and has been a creative copywriter for an advertising agency, a Communications Specialist, and is currently in charge of communications for one of the Global Learning and Development groups within Dell.

"There is not a week that goes by that I don't think about Jeff, hanging out on the front porch of Old Main talking, judging UIL with him and hearing bad jokes and good advice," Claes said.
As Claes reaches the landmark of 40 years old, he wanted to party with a purpose, so he contacted Fred Stewart with the Texas Intercollegiate Press Assoication and asked if he could make "The Jeff Henderson Scholarship for Journalism Excellence" the benificiery of the evening. And so it became a benefit.