December 10, 2005

Thank you Bobcats

So, my Bobcats lost last night in overtime. I know many folks are going to spend today being a harsh critic towards some of the decisions that were made in last nights game.. but not me.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Bobcats Football Program. This was the same thing I cursed a few short years ago. I thought the name change (from Southwest Texas State University to Texas State University - San Marcos) was all about the football program... I blamed many of the changes to my Alma Mater I disagreed with on the football program. I pulled all support to my Alma Mater (except for towards The University Star... the school newspaper which I used to be on staff) becuase of the name change...which I attributed mostly to the football program.. which, until this year, had less than satisfactory seasons.

This year was different though. The Bobcats had a stellar season. They did it with heart. They bellieved in each other. They did it without the "big gun" head coach that was brought in. They established themselves with a passing game. They got within a game of being the top 1-AA team in america.

I consider myself a Bobcats fan now. I may not be a fan of the new name of the university. I wore my "Don't Mess With Southwest Texas" shirt last night while watching the game on ESPN2. But, I can say that I am a Bobcats fan now.

We'll get them next year.
Eat 'Em up Cats.
- Sean Claes, Class of 1999

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