December 23, 2005

Friday.. back in Austin!

It was a wonderful trip to Ohio... but I'm sure glad to be sitting at my own desk in Kyle, TX right now typing this. I'm too tired to really type much.. but wanted to say that there are three very happy and very tired folks in my house right now who had one of the best, most memorable Christmasas ever (yes, I realize tomorrow is Christmas Eve) and I've got the photos to boot. As my daughter and wife prayed a little bit ago (I was going through the mail and missed it... "Good night Grandma D, Papa, Great Grandma Soja, Great D, Great Papa, Ross, Nick, Uncle Tom, Aunt Peg, Christy, John, Sofia, Uncle Bob, Aunt Ethel, The Other Great Uncle John, Tom and Sherry at the B&B, all of the folks we met on the trip... the young man on Christmas leave from the Army visiting his parents and family in Austin and San Antonio...

Merry Christmas to all.. and to all a good night.

.... What is Papa doing right now?

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