December 19, 2005

B&B WyFi

So, I'm sitting at a Bed and Breakfast in Ohio and I break out my computer to do some work... viola! I've got a wireless connection. So.. I'll blog about my day.

Went to bed last night about midnight...and got up at 4:00 in order to get everything and everyone (wife and 20 month old) onto a plane at 7:00a.m. flying out from Austin to end up in Columbus... We decided not to buy a ticket for the little one.. and Thank God she fell asleep just after we departed Dallas on our way to Columbus.. everything with the trip went smooth.

I did, however wake up this morning with a cold.. so I'm so stuffed up right now it's amazing... and I'm pretty sure I know now what it would feel like to have screwdrivers shoved into my ears...from the pressure I felt while the plane was making its descent into Columbus... but other than that.. life is peachy.

I met my six-month-old neice for the first time (she lives in Boston).. and I got to hold her for a good half-hour... She is amazing..beautiful...such a joy. Everything I would ever hope for in a neice...

Saw my Grandma, Great-Aunt and Uncle.. Sister, Brother-in-law, neice, and parents.. good times.

Well, it's like 11:00p.m. Ohio time and since my daughter's asleep I should be too.

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