January 20, 2006

Wilson Pickett...and a naked Austinite

The first time I ever sang in front of a crowd with a band bahind me, I was at my sister's wedding reception in Boston at Fenway Park... I somehow talked my way into singing "Mustang Sally." I was told I did a great job. I was just glad my sister and her new husband weren't embarrased. I mention this because the song was a fantastic hit by one of my favorite R&B singers - Wilson Pickett. Well...Wilson Pickett died yesterday. Man... a heart attack at 64. Rest in peace Mr. Pickett. Thanks for the music.

On a lighter note... Guy Forsyth is naked in my kitchen.

My parents are about to come into town and visit and I've decided to hang up my Naked calendar. What is this.. you might ask? Austin photographers donated their talent and local musicians donated their time and shed their clothing for Naked, a 2006 Calendar put together by Spike Gillespie (http://www.spikeg.com/) to benefit the Willie Graham/Legg Perthes Fund. The fund is named for Jon Dee Graham's son, and benefits the family to help pay for medical bills. The musicians include the likes of Guy Forsyth, Tosca, Eliza Gilkyson, Matt The Electrician, and Patricia Vaughan.

Guy Forsyth is January. I'm kind of looking forward to February... no offense Guy.

Have a good weekend.

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