January 6, 2006

Hawaiian Friday!!!

Four photos of Sean Claes wearing Hawaiian Shirts

Maybe it's because I'm an oddball.. maybe it's because I saw Office Space one too many times (I still want a red Swingline stapler... I've got an old beige one but it's not the same)... maybe it's just because I like attention (I started my own fan club)... but I have worn a Hawaiian shirt to work every Friday for the last 2 years.

Now, these aren't the ones you can buy at nice stores, or at that sweet booth during Austin's Pecan Street Festival. I'm talking about those cheap ones you get at gas stations near beaches or at Wallgreens. They are made of cheap materials and feature loud and vibrant colors.

There is only one rule I have for my Hawaiian shirts: They must cost less than $10.

This is why I got so excited when a co-worker found a listing on Craig's List for a person that was selling a lot of 15 shirts for $60 or $5 a piece. I e-mailed the dude and I am now the proud owner of 5 of those sweet shirts. I'm wearing one today... with jeans. I rule.

Happy Friday Everyone.

From Office Space
Bill Lumbergh: Good. Oh and remember, next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day! So, y'know, if you want to, go ahead and uh, wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

Anyhow.. this is the last day for Holidalies so I guess I won't be posting there anymore. Not sure if anyone actually read what I wrote, but it was fun to try and write something semi-compelling every day. I missed a few days... but I was pretty on-track. Thanks to whomever was responsible for organizing it and letting me participate. I'll be sure and do it next December.

Until then... why not join my fan club and let me know what you like about me... why I rock like Slayer and all that goodness.


Queen Kandis said...

What about the people who are too lazy to create a My Space account in order to join your fan club? Does that mean we're not eligible for official fan club merchandise?

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

I guess your dedication to being my fan isn't as strong as it should be.... I guess you should bookmark my blog and Website (http://www.seanclaes.com) and keep yourself updated... as I can't officially support you being my fan.

The official fan club merchandise is only for my "official fans" and those who create merchandise themselves...um..officially

Thanks for your attempt at being my fan. I've got 11 members as of right now..and 9 of them aren't even me. I rule.

Queen Kandis said...

I'm more impressed with the fact that TWO of the 11 fans are you.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

What can I say.. I rock so much I had to become 2.

If you were a fan you'd KNOW that..

Mike Eaton said...

Ahh...the good ol' red swingline stapler...

michael said...

I use to do the hawaiian shirt thing but the less-than-$10 rule made most of them ill-fitting, especially the Goodwill models.

Then again, aren't all flowered shirts ill fitting?