January 27, 2006

Busy week... and Randomness

I've had a hell of a week. Between meetings with my full-time job, deadline for INsite, deadline for the community newsletter (yes I'm the editor and designer of my subdivision's newsletter), dealing with the Keystone Cop-esque phone company, and an interview that couldn't happen until last night...it's been a stretch-me-as-far-as-I-go week. But we're at the end of the "work" week and I send the newsletter to press in a few minutes...so I'm breathing a little... thanks for your concern.

So.. these are my random thoughts...

- Sometimes I chew my gum and listen to the chewing while intensly looking at someone who is talking. For all practical purposes I should be really paying attention because what they are saying is really important...but I chew...

- The word "numb" is extremely difficult to say when you have a mouth full of novocane. That's just wrong.

- On that note.. who was the genius that came up with the word "dyslexic?"

- I've got a co-worker that tries to use 25¢ words.. and fails many times. Example... "collaburting" for collaborating, "plundering" for intensly considering something, and "refernance" for "reference." It's not a slip up.. he says the words more than once... Kind of like that commercial for Fed-Ex or something... "It's the leaning tower of Pisa.. not Pizza."

- A few days ago I received a box of bracelets, pins, and cards from http://www.tclane.org/. TC Lane was one of my best friends little brothers. His story is tragic. Young guy with everything in the world going for him (Political Science major in a good school, interned with a Congressman, really good head on his shoulders) until he was killed by a drunk driver. The bracelet reads "Make A Difference" and has the Website address. I'm handing them to people who I believe have made a difference in my life... and will make a difference in the world. If you see a baby-blue and purple-swirl bracelet on my wrist...or someone elses.. that is the meaning.

- It's Friday.. I'm the proud owner (thanks to a Craig's List posting) of the most obnoxious Hawaiian Shirt EVER! yes...it is metallic gold. Look and be proud to know me.

You know how some people are so full of themselves that they take a picture of themself looking all sexy and stuff with mood lighting and they think they look sexy and they really don't and people just kind of make fun of them behind their backs?
OK.. I did that last night before my interview with Nooner. I rule.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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