January 10, 2006

seanclaesDOTcom Update

The seanclaesDOTcom update January 2006. Ive been a little busy..to say the least, so Ive not had much of a chance to update my site until now.

Well.. heres a few things Ive been working on or worked on during November and December. Hope you enjoy!

All of these things can be found on: seanclaesDOTcom .

- In Flames Interview (From the January 2006 issue of The Edge Magazine )
- Astrid Bin Interview (From the December/January issue of Whoopsy!)

CD Reviews : (From the January issue of INsite Magazine ):
Scott H. Biram- The Dirty Old One Man Band
Every Time I Die- Gutter Phenomenon
Mike McClure Band- Camelot Falling
Motionside- First Color
South Austin Jug Band- Dark and Weary World

Photos :
1/7/06 - Nooner, The Addictions, Shelly Knight, 21 Down @ Red Eyed Fly
1/7/06 - Full Service @ Flamingo Cantina
1/6/06 - St. Ignatius Church Christmas Concert @ St. Ignatius
12/11/05 - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers @ Gruene Hall

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Hopefully it was worth the wait and you will love this so much youll want to join my fan club (see my MySpace page for more on that).

Happy New Year!
- seanclaesDOTcom .

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