January 9, 2006

Two Pennies For Your Thoughts

I was on my way to work this morning and I overheard my morning show mention it'll cost you two more cents to mail a letter.

That thought amazed me. Not the fact that now it'll cost 39¢ to send something through the mail, but the thought that you can still send something across the country for 39¢. There isn't much I can think of that I can get for under 50¢ these days.

A cup of coffee will cost at least 75¢, 20oz cappicuccino at a gas station is a buck, and if you go for Starattles Besbuck you're looking at $1.50 - 4.00 for your morning cup-o-joe. Unless there's a heckava sale, you can't get a candy bar for less than 50¢. Sodas will run you 65¢, a glass of tea with lunch is a buck. I can't think of anything that is useful to me that I can buy for less than 39¢.

Now... with the advent of the personal computer with e-mail and blogs and MySpace and Web sites...and cell phones with unlimited minutes... it amazes me that the price of sending "snail mail" is still so low. It also shocked me to learn (as I decided to read a little about the postage increase) that the Post Office actually made a profit in 2005 .

So, the fact that it's still under 50¢ to mail a letter and the Post Office turned a profit amazes me. I for one amd going to jovially rrun down to the post office and by a plethora of 2¢ stamps. I think the world will be acquainted with
Navajo Jewelry for the next few months.

Oooh.. check out the pretty new 39¢ stamp: See it here

There's something cool about "First Class" with a line through it. Cheeky.

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