January 31, 2006

Richard Cheese - Dome!

Probably one of the funnies little animations that has crossed my computer screen. For my birthday week - Day Two I give you RICHARD CHEESE!

Warning... there are numerous swear words on this..so not safe around children...or co-workers for that matter...so I provided a link to it and didn't post it to be "live" on here.

Richard Cheese - Do Me

Richard Cheese: You can dome in the morning
You can dome in the night
You can dome when you wanna dome
You can dome-
Sound Technician: Hold on hold on. It's not dome, it's do me.

Link from: Newgrounds.
Photo from: http://cynicalsmirk.com/


April & Isis said...

That song always makes me laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Credit should go where credit is due.

The author is Yotam Peral