January 3, 2006

Ehcilc (Cliche backwards)

I was watching a documentary of Lubbock music called Lubbock Lights yesterday and I think it was Tommy X Hancock who described Lubbock as "A nice place to live but I wouldn't want to visit." I thought that was pretty neat way to describe something.

So.. I thought of a few of those wordplay one-step-from-cliches... I'll call them Ehcilc (Cliche backwards)

- With the new smoking ordinance in bars, in Austin, you've got to "go inside to get some fresh air."
- If you're a spider.. it could be that "time is fun when you're having flies"
- If you block a Quarterback.. you could be "bucking the pass"
- If Henry VIII went into to a tailor.. he was a "King to be fit"
- At the animal shelter, "Every day has its dog."
- Didn't Ghandi "Fast in the live lane?"
- Canoe owners in the Sahara are likely "Up a paddle without a creek."
- Don't you hate it when embers jump "out of the fire and into the frying pan?"
- You're really skilled if you can "hit two stones with one bird."
- It'd take a lot of digging to make a "molehill out of a mountain."
- I was watching a bowl game with a bowl of Ruffles... when I leaned over and got a "shoulder on my chip."
- If you had a severe sore throat and wanted to eat in a foreign land you may be "so horse that you could eat in Hungary."
- With all of the stuff that goes on at my job.. it's like my "company loves misery."
- If you have an eating disorder you may think, "What goes down must come up."
- Nuns have "more God than money."

OK. I'll stop.

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michael said...

As a Lubbock resident I agree with that statement. I miss Lubbock when I'm away, and sometimes despise it when I'm here. Austin, on the other hand, I always long for.