February 15, 2006

Open Letter to senders of SPAM

Dear senders of SPAM,

I'm not going to order any kind of medication from an e-mail. I'm not going to send my bank account number to you to help you get your dead uncle's fortune. I'm not ordering Windows, Corel Draw, or Photoshop from a guy who's e-mail is "ksujc9e2ba@0000jfghjk.thk." Who uses Corel Draw anyhow? Corel Draw Magazine doesn't even use Corel Draw to design their covers. I'm not going to reregister my Paypal account by sending my credit card number to you. I'm sorry your nephew needs a spleen, but I'm not going to donate to someone who addresses me as "Sir or Madam." I'm not going to open any e-mail that has the subject "URGENT REPLY NEEDED" if I don't know the sender. I'm not interested in "hot singles in my area" nor is my wife.

Thank you for wasting your time on reaching out to me,
Sean Claes

1 comment:

Queen Kandis said...

I have to say, I noticed you didn't say a word about the um, enlargers. Or maybe it's just me they keep trying to sell those to?