February 24, 2006

Coffee and Photos? Seattle's Best on Congress

Howdy all.

How's this for bad self promotion.

I keep forgetting to mention this...I've got a photo installation at the Seattle's Best on Congress (Frost Bank) up for the next month or so. It's all live music shots I've taken over the last few years....all Austin area bands... I put it together so folks can see photos of Austin live music over SXSW... The dates below are when I took the shots... For most photos I write a little ditty about the shot and for all photos I include the artists Website.

The photos are for sale.... but I'd rather you buy one of the artists CDs than my photo of them. Dont' get me wrong... I'll sell it to you.

Here's who I've got hanging...

5/02/03 Chris Duarte
7/09/04 Guy Forsyth
1/18/05 Scott H. Biram
2/20/04 Nooner
2/20/04 "King of 6th Street"
10/07/04 Grupo Fantasma
1/09/05 TOrcH
03/19/05 Asylum Street Spankers
5/08/05 Sis Deville
09/24/05 Asylum Street Spankers
1/7/06 Nooner
2/11/06 Barnhill

If you have a chance to stop in.. please do.
Try the coffee. It's good.

I've even forgotten to tell the bands I've got them up... I'm bad. If you know any of them, please send them a message.

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