February 9, 2006

Observations on a Thursday in February

Observations on a Thursday in February

I have a hard time understanding some things. Sometimes it seems that everyone else in the world is on the same wavelength except for me.

How do people know when a group is singing, like in church, when to pronounce the “thee” or “thuh?” I always pick the wrong one…. And it does change depending on the song… who sends out those mental memos? I didn’t get one.

Same thing with “a.” Who dictates when it’s “ay” or “uhh?” Why do I always pick the wrong one?

Should I be offended when someone changes the way they pronounce their name when they meet me? I was at the bank the other day and the person I was talking with was Hispanic.. he “anglicized” is name when he introduced himself. It was allright until I realized he wasn’t doing it for other people in the room… just me. Now, I’ve got friends who shorten their names (Rolando becomes Roland… Geraldo becomes Jerry). That doesn’t annoy me. It’s when it’s the same exact name… just pronounced in a different way… like if you met a girl named Patricia… and she told you her name was “ Pa trish ahh” and then she turns around two seconds later tells someone next to you that her name is “Pah tri shee ya.”

Yes, I'm an anglo. I was raised in Laredo though... hit me with your best "rolling r." I can take it. I don't change the pronounciation of Sean to "Chon" when I meet you... so don't think you have to do that for me.

On another note…I was recently forced to change my home phone number because Time Warner decided not to support my subdivision anymore. Time Warner gave fair warning… let us know that the day was coming that our phone was to be shut off. I called Verizon to get things set up…and tried for 2 months to make it happen. Somehow my phone was still shut off…Time Warner (or whomever “owns” my phone number) refused to release my number after they shut it off and I’m left holding a dead line with no phone number. I tried for 2 months to not make that happen. What the hell? What wavelength was everyone else on that enabled them not to go through this? My neighbors didn’t have problems… just me.

On a positive side…I got to choose our new phone number… and it ends in Jerome Bettis’ number. Rock on.

Also, apparently I’m the only one on the road who thinks that passing is for the left lane and slower cars should be to the right… but that’s another story altogether.

All: That’s Another Story

Good job.

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