March 21, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Saturday, March 21st Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 21 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
TRF Outdoor 1Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure IslandRockFest Club Stage 1413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
MugshotsRockFest Club Stage 2407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter StageSinger / Songwriter Stage409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop StageHip-Hop/R&B Stage607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML OutdoorTexas Rock Fest7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
MalaiaMalaia300 E 6th st, Austin, TX


J KrunkFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:00:00 PM
Crew 54Fuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
Tim BFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:00:00 PM
Macks on Tha RiseFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:30:00 PM
Tre DubbFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:00:00 PM
Fusion MagazineFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
Fusion MagazineFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:00:00 PM
KachingFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Show BoyFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
Solo TheeFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
BroadKastFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
BlissFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
Thug DirtFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:45:00 PM
JadyFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
TexabamaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
DJ DyberFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:45:00 PM
Durrty BoiFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:00:00 AM
GeminiiFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:30:00 AM
DJ Hi-CFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM

Nocturnal SunMalaia2:45:00 PM
Holy DiverMalaia3:30:00 PM
Man AutomaticMalaia4:15:00 PM
OtenkiMalaia5:00:00 PM
DC4Malaia5:45:00 PM
Daylight BroadcastMalaia6:30:00 PM
HighlinesMalaia7:15:00 PM
Deep EllaMalaia8:00:00 PM
Monstro FloraMalaia8:45:00 PM
TandoorifingerMalaia9:30:00 PM
Eleven Fingered CharlieMalaia10:15:00 PM
TransferMalaia11:00:00 PM
Dead TwinsMalaia11:45:00 PM
MoxxyMalaia12:30:00 AM
The HeroineMalaia1:15:00 AM

KimboMugshots2:00:00 PM
Kym WymaMugshots2:30:00 PM
Amanda LepreMugshots3:00:00 PM
LanceMugshots3:30:00 PM
The Boy BathingMugshots4:00:00 PM
John HardyMugshots4:30:00 PM
Jon DavidsonMugshots5:00:00 PM
Aaron CuadraMugshots5:30:00 PM
WrydgirlMugshots6:00:00 PM
The Earthtone PlayersMugshots6:30:00 PM
GrandpadrewMugshots7:15:00 PM
Rude RachelMugshots8:00:00 PM
The Suicide ChordsMugshots8:45:00 PM
Sixes and EightsMugshots9:30:00 PM
The VincentsMugshots10:15:00 PM
Taylor DavisMugshots11:00:00 PM
The Van GobotsMugshots11:45:00 PM
Queen Ann's RevengeMugshots12:30:00 AM
Atomic AliveMugshots

Kat TreeTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
The CulpritTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
Love MoundTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
Jesse Vick BandTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Hazard of the IndustryTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
John DavidsonTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
NipseyTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
Rocko DorseyTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
Black Queen SpeaksTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
FolioTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
Hawk vs. DoveTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
She WolvesTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Trashy and the KidTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
WickerTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
The Vehicle ReasonTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
The Secret StateTreasure Island1:15:00 AM


Fulton ReadTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Atomic OutlawsTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
Simplistic UrgeTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
The Kieran Ridge BandTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
FadedTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
RecorderTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
Mad TempleTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
One-Eyed DollTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Paris GreenTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
TrebucheTTRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
PlanesideTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Full ServiceTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
The VolunteersTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
Super PanchoTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
The FranticTRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
The SpinesTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
IoniaTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Asphalt ValentineTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Street Light SuzieTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
KreisorTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
GradyTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Goodnight GoddessTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
WitchburnTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Doug MorelandHML Outdoor2:00:00 PM
Opie HendrixHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
Andy MacyntyreHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
Karl MorganHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
Meghan Tubb and the Shady PeopleHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Kevin SmithHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
Wrinkle Neck MulesHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
John Evans BandHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
RagsyHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
100 FT SnowmanHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
Opus DaiHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
IrationHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Seis PistosHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
ImiHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
She CravesHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Syztem7HML Outdoor1:30:00 AM
Donna BeckhamHML Outdoor12:00:00 PM
Rusty RoadsHML Outdoor12:35:00 PM
Matt SkinnerHML Outdoor1:10:00 PM

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