March 19, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Thursday, March 19th Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 19 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
Stage Venue Address
TRF Outdoor 1 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2 Texas Rock Fest 7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure Island RockFest Club Stage 1 413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Mugshots RockFest Club Stage 2 407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter Stage Singer / Songwriter Stage 409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop Stage Hip-Hop/R&B Stage 607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML Outdoor Texas Rock Fest 7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
Malaia Malaia 300 E 6th st, Austin, TX

Thursday's Line-up:

Club Stages:

UG Kings ShowcaseFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
Jay LucianoFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:30:00 PM
The Beat MakaFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
MonstaFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Squadron Street MusicFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
Adykted SolFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
Crew54Fuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
T-FowlerFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
AmoreFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
TaushaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:15:00 PM
Lady LegacyFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
DJ HardboxFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM

Imperial BattlesnakeMalaia4:15:00 PM
Droids AttackMalaia5:00:00 PM
Syztem7Malaia5:45:00 PM
Asphalt ValentineMalaia6:30:00 PM
Alaska and MeMalaia7:15:00 PM
MeriwetherMalaia8:00:00 PM
After Midnight ProjectMalaia8:45:00 PM
Rosemary's GardenMalaia9:30:00 PM
Spin AlleyMalaia10:15:00 PM
American ZerosMalaia11:00:00 PM
Shandon SahmMalaia11:45:00 PM
White Witch canyonMalaia12:30:00 AM
Full ServiceMalaia1:15:00 AM

Special GuestMugshots5:00:00 PM
Special GuestMugshots5:30:00 PM
TAFKAVMugshots6:00:00 PM
Sofia EchegarayMugshots6:30:00 PM
Kieran RidgeMugshots7:15:00 PM
Aaron CuadraMugshots8:00:00 PM
Jennifer ApplequistMugshots8:45:00 PM
RookMugshots9:30:00 PM
15 KeysMugshots10:15:00 PM
FreebleederMugshots11:00:00 PM
Full StrideMugshots11:45:00 PM
Special GuestMugshots12:30:00 AM
Special GuestMugshots1:15:00 AM

Special GuestTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
Fracture PointTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
LucidTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Cold DecemberTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
Big Fat AliceTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
Before DawnTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
DAFFODILTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
LedaswanTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
PetalsTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
Love TruckerTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
Parallel the SkyTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Oak is KeepingTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
Lavish GreenTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
The ArtilleryTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
Mad TempleTreasure Island1:15:00 AM

Outdoor Stages:

Special GuestTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Special GuestTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
The Banner YearTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
3 KissesTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
Man AutomaticTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
LucidTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
Justin BlackTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
Divide the DayTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
Me Talk PrettyTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Mothers AnthemTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
YAYOTRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
DEEJERTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Special GuestTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
Fulton ReadTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
Special GuestTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
Flatfoot56TRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
Jon DavidsonTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
Big Fat AliceTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Seasons AfterTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Atomic OutlawsTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
The VettesTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
By All Means NecessaryTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Dremnt The endTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
Beaux LoyTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Danger Is My Middle NameHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
Velvet BrickHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
Full ServiceHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
IrationHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Oh JulietHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
Language RoomHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
The SpinesHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
AlyriaHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
EmberHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
One Eyed DollHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
IoniaHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
DJ Pauly HymniaHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Ark AttackHML Outdoor1:30:00 PM

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